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Concept Of Classroom Observations October 30 Emmanuel Ogbah Jersey , 2013 | Author: Megan Landry | Posted in Education
In order to improve performance of teachers in learning institutions, classroom observations were introduced. This is the gauge on how they handle their lessons in order to make improvements where necessary. These exercises are conducted by school or educational ministry administrators. Their main view is just to make an observation on the conduction of this teaching exercise and come up with a report there after.

The aim of this entire plan is to give the teacher a critical feedback that will help in improving the management of classes and also add to him or her some important ways to use in a teaching process. Moreover, it can be the best tool in evaluation of job performance of this particular individual. It is a normal routine in every school or college.

The entire process can be both formal and informal. This implies that the observer can come on an official or unofficial ground. In both cases the teacher is aware of the observation or not. During this whole process, an observer has the liberty to take notes and even record the entire session depending on the availability of these instruments.

The use of both formal and informal observations is to get the actual reality of this teaching process. Some teachers when they are aware of such can arrange with the students for them to be actively involved so as to give a false impression in spite of what has actually been going on. This is where the impromptu one comes into play just as a follow up measure.

It is a matter of understanding as to why these two have to be used. Where a lot of questions with no answers are available Larry Ogunjobi Jersey , clarification should be done. This is not to discourage someone but, try to help in providing quality studies for the future of these students. In this case in life, the truth helps immensely even though it may hurt at first as compared to a lie.

At the end f it all, two main significant points are addressed; time and space. With time David Njoku Jersey , it is about creating the right balance in addressing the subject being taught. Here, each component of asking questions and answering them both by the teacher and the students has to be balanced. Through the transcript provided, the instructor will be in a good position to address this in the coming lessons.

Space determines how participative the entire class is. In this aspect, it concerns involving each and every student into the on going lessons. The general assumption has always been those at the front being active than those at the back. Where active participation is used Jabrill Peppers Jersey , there will be no time for the later to engage in activities that are of no educational value. All these can be seen very well right from the back.

With constant classroom observations, the level of learning in schools and colleges are bound to improve. A report on this will help to pin point some of the strong and weak points this teacher has and how he or she can use it for the best of the students.

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