During the summer vacation

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During the summer vacation, I read the book Robinson Crusoe. The story in the book is very exciting, and the content also makes me understand a lot of truth Newport Box 100S Carton. book mainly writes Robinson, who was born in the British merchant family Marlboro Red 100S For Sale. Because he did not want to be like his father, he made a crew member from home. In a voyage, they unfortunately encountered a tornado. Robinson and the ship were washed by the sea to a desert island. Only Robinson lived alone Marlboro Cigarettes Wholesale. At that time, he had only one knife, one pipe and a handful of tobacco leaves. But he did not give up hope of life, he went to the boat and brought everything that he could bring with him. In this way, he began to build tents, fences, utensils, grow food, raise livestock, and build his own home on the island Marlboro Usa Price. Later, he saved a black man and named him "Friday", and he has a new partner since then. Finally, he and Paul rescued a captain who was betrayed by the sailors on Friday. They jointly regained the ship and finally returned to their hometown.r reading this book, I can't believe that the protagonist Robinson's survivability is so strong. It is possible to make bread, squeeze goat milk, and make grapes into raisins on an uninhabited island. It is really unbelievable. I really admire Robinson because he let us know that there is no need to panic when it comes to suffering.er listening to my introduction, you definitely want to see this book. Then go check it out, don't forget to read it after reading it.ay, the school organized us to go to the cinema to watch the Peruvian Adventure, which gave me a lot of feelings.e hero of the film, Ted, dreamed of becoming a great archaeological explorer from an early age and has been working hard for it. When he grew up, although he was just an ordinary construction worker, he was in poverty and suffered various setbacks, but he always insisted on his dreams. After reading this paragraph, I was impressed by Ted��s unremitting spirit. Ted was dismissed by the boss seven times, but he did not give up his dreams, nor was he discouraged. If Ted gives up his dream, there is no success below!
coincidence, Ted went to the Golden City to explore the Golden City with the young and beautiful professor daughter Sarah Cheap Newport 100, the funny local guide Freddy, the greedy cute little dog Jeff and the clever dumb parrot Belzoni. The secret. After all kinds of difficulties, over the dangers, with wisdom and courage, Ted's team and the lovely and dedicated mummy guardians defeated the robbers and protected the treasure. Ted finally realized his dream! After the bitterness and sweetness, only by working hard to solve it, Ted will succeed! And if you come back with a little setback, you won't succeed.ort + brave + wisdom + perseverance = success! Only by working hard and persisting will you reach the other side of success!

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