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BUENOS AIRES Michael Frolik Flames Jersey , Nov. 3 (Xinhua) -- The Argentinean football club, Instituto de Cordoba, on Tuesday announced a fundraising campaign in the hope of getting fans to donate to the club, so that it may pay delayed salaries to its players.

Named "Play your role as well," the management of the club based in Cordoba, 700km north of Buenos Aires Mike Smith Flames Jersey , has asked fans to deposit money in a bank account, which will be used to pay the footballers.

"We have asked for the support of the fans and partners to deposit or transfer money to the account...which will go to pay the salaries of players and the coaching staff. In this complicated financial situation, we are all needed," stated the press released posted on the club's website.

The club has set the target of reaching 2 million pesos (210,000 U.S. dollars) through a campaign where "contributions are open for each to decide" and where the reward will be "the efforts...made by our players".

"This game we are now playing...is as important as those played every weekend on the pitch," concluded the press release.

Instituto de Cordoba is currently in fifth position in the National B Division Troy Brouwer Flames Jersey , the country's second highest. With only two games to play, the club is close to qualifying for the play-off tournament that allows the winner a promotion to the First Divison.

The Gloria, as the club is well-known, has played 13 seasons in the First Division since its creation in 1981 and has won the National B Division twice in 1999 and 2004.

BEIJING, Dec. 17 (Xinhua) -- The world has been overshadowed by terrorist threats as never before this year as various terror groups and their loyalists made headlines everywhere, especially in Paris and across the Atlantic in France's strong anti-terror ally Dougie Hamilton Flames Jersey , the United States.

The number of victims in the Paris attacks is the biggest of terror activity in the modern history of France and the second-largest in Europe after the Madrid attacks. Its perpetrator, the Islamic State (IS), said in a statement that it was just the beginning.

Shortly after the Paris carnage took 130 lives, 14 people were killed in a shooting rampage in San Bernardino, California by a couple, who later proved to have long been radicalized.

The world's governments and parliaments scrambled to make decisions despite being overcome by shock and anger Travis Hamonic Flames Jersey , and many feared further blood-shed of their peoples as experts pointed to "qualitative changes" in the terrorists' strategy.

The traditional top centers of the IS are Syria and Iraq, and its second center is in Libya, said Diaa Rashwan, head of Cairo-based Al-Ahram Center for Political and Strategic Studies.

It had not been in the interests of the IS to focus on enemies far away since it is seeking territorial advancement with the purpose of founding a state, as its name suggests, said Rashwan.

However Sean Monahan Flames Jersey , the Paris attacks represent a qualitative change in the IS strategy, Rashwan pointed out.

Egyptian journalist, said that the sense of injustice is a root cause of terrorism anywhere.

"With respect to the creation of Daesh in particular it is the invasion of countries, whether the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan or the Iraq invasion when the Iraqi army was dismantled," she said, referring to the IS.

She pointed out that many have joined Daesh due to the internal situation in some countries Matthew Tkachuk Flames Jersey , whether economic, social or religious, where youth can't find jobs and have no hope for the future.

"Addressing terrorism needs a concerted global effort," she stressed.

Sarah Eltantawi, professor of Comparative Religion and Islamic Studies at Evergreen State College in the United States, also mentioned widespread economic and political frustration as creating a hotbed for terrorism.

"A religious revivalism of the last forty years has filled the vacuum which other ideologies such as nationalism or socialism have been able to fill Mikael Backlund Flames Jersey ," she said.

The fact that Islam itself has been adopted by ultra-conservatives is one of the most intense challenges to promoting and rehabilitating what used to be a mainstream, gentle Islam, said Eltantawi.

Rashwan also mentioned the "humiliating way the Iraqi army was ruined" as one of the complex reasons for the IS presence.

According to the expert, the Western disregard of volunteers coming from their countries to be recruited by the IS is also part of the reasons for the IS rampancy.


The increasing use of Western elements who joined terrorist groups in the Middle East and took part in attacks there and then returned with major tasks in their home countries have been observed as a new trend in the orchestration of often lethal attacks.

"They are IS elements but in the West," Rashwan said. This can be clearly seen from the accuracy of the IS statement after the Paris attacks that declared that eight members carried them out and revealed the exact sites that were targeted and other details.

Meanwhile, zealous preparation and flawless execution have made the attacks hard to detect and prevent.

As shown in the Paris attacks Kris Versteeg Flames Jersey , the number of elements who carried out the operations is not less than 30, which reflects a thorough preparation and execution.

The attacks also reveal great efforts on part of the terrorists to flaunt their power and challenge the authorities as they were targeting the place where the French president was.

Such changes in tactics, which have resulted in more effective implementations of planned attacks, are having a major influence on public mentalities.

In its latest poll, Gallup said that the percentage of Americans who believe it is "very" or "somewhat likely" that acts of terrorism would take place in the country in the next several weeks increased sharply, rising from 45 percent in June to 67 percent.

In a rare Oval Office address to the nation TJ Brodie Flames Jersey , U.S. President Barack Obama on Dec. 6 ca. Cheap Jerseys China Wholesale Jerseys China Free Shipping Wholesale Jerseys Wholesale College Jerseys Cheap Wholesale Soccer Jerseys Wholesale NHL Jerseys China Wholesale NBA Kids Jerseys Wholesale MLB Kids Jerseys Wholesale Nike NFL Jerseys China Wholesale Custom Soccer Jerseys

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