Today, the weather is

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Today, the weather is exceptionally sunny, and my mood is particularly comfortable, because today I am going to visit the three-day tour.took the bus to Sanjiang Wharf and then took a boat to Yeouido, where the seafood is rich and the scenery is a tourist attraction. It is called the hometown of the sea. Standing on the island, I saw the endless sea and suddenly made me feel Happy and happy. On the same day, we visited the scenic spots such as the monk set and Liujingtan Newport Cartons For Sale, and then went back to the hotel to rest.he next morning, we went fishing. After eating breakfast, we got on the fishing boat and set off. On the way, we saw the fisherman throwing a small cage of crabs into the sea and waiting for fishing to harvest. After a while, we came to the island and the tour guide said that we started fishing Super Cheap Cigarette. I took a fishing rod, hung the bait, picked a place, sat down, and patiently waited for the fish to hook. After sitting for a long time, I felt the fish moving, I quickly picked up the fish and saw that the bait was gone! No way, I had to hang one more Free Newport Carton. I hanged the bait three times in total, and I didn��t catch it once. I felt very lost. At this time, the time to go back, I can only go back with regret. Fortunately, I came back in a small cage. I harvested four crabs, and my heart was very sunny.the afternoon, we came to the beach of Jihu. I took a deep breath and strode to the sea. My dad took the water gun and chased me in the back Cheap Cigarettes Wholesale. A wave of waves rushed to me. I jumped up and was immediately He fell to the ground and was washed away by the sea. He took a few mouthfuls of water. The salt water tastes salty and salty. I rushed to the beach. My dad��s colleague saw it and threw me in the sand. I fought back and my father saw the disaster and shot me with a water gun. Can only escape Newport Online times always go very fast, unconsciously, and the day passes. On the third day, the typhoon came, we can only come back early.

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