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JERUSALEM James Conner Steelers Jersey , June 28 (Xinhua) -- Errant projectile from Syria hitthe Israeli-controlled Golan Heights on Wednesday night, Israel'sarmy said, in the fourth incident of fire spillover from Syria overthe past week.

"A projectile hit an open area in the northern Golan Heights," amilitary spokesperson said in a statement, adding that no injuriesor damage have been reported.

"The projectile fire is errant and is a result of the internalfighting in Syria," the statement read.

The incident marked the fourth time that a spillover from thewar-torn country hit northern Israel JuJu Smith-Schuster Steelers Jersey , without causing damage orinjuries.

On Monday, the military said it had identified heavy machine gunbullet holes in a post of the United Nations Disengagement ObserverForce (UNDOF), which maintains the 1974 ceasefire between Israeland Syria.

The post is located near the community of Zivanit, adjacent tothe disputed border between Syria and Israel.

A day earlier, the Israeli military said it attacked twoartillery positions and an ammunition truck, both belonging to theSyrian army T. J. Watt Steelers Jersey , after several projectiles hit the Israeli-held GolanHeights.

No injuries or damage were reported but as a precautionarymeasure, the army asked civilians to refine from gathering near theborder area.

A similar incident occurred on Saturday, as 10 projectiles hitan open field in the Israeli-held Golan, causing no injuries ordamage.

In response, Israel's air force attacked posts of the Syrianarmy. Syrian state-run news agency SANA reported that severalpeople were killed in the strikes, including at least twocivilians.

The army believes that all of the cross-border fire incidentswere a result of a spillover from the fighting in Quneitra Authentic James Conner Jersey , next tothe border.

According to SANA, the battles in this region are betweenPresident Bashar Assad's army and the Nusra Front, a Salafist rebelgroup in Syria.

Errant fire from the Syria, which is fighting a six-year-longwar, has occasionally been spilling over to Israel, usually causingno casualties or damage.

Israel often retaliated the mortars with airstrikes.

Israel had repeatedly declared it would not intervene in theinternal fighting in Syria.

However Authentic JuJu Smith-Schuster Jersey , it is widely believed that Israel often carried outairstrikes on weapons convoys in Syria, and has been providingmedical treatment to hundreds of wounded Syrians who reached theborder. Enditem

"Why would you want to move to the Pacific North West?", I was once asked over the phone by my friend from back east. "Doesn't it rain there all the time?" I smiled as I squinted in the bright sunshine, attempting to answer this question.

Rainfall seems the last thing to think about in the scenic and diverse Pacific North West region. There is such a plethora of recreation that everyone is too busy planning the next weekend's activities to even check out the Internet weather. Still it got me thinking, why does everyone think we live in the rain?

Surprisingly, statistics tell us that we get even less rainfall here than in New York! In fact some areas of the Pacific North West are described as 'arid' or 'semi-arid'!

Residents Authentic T. J. Watt Jersey , both young and old, of the Pacific North West enjoy spending lots of their time in the great outdoors. Shorts are the norm, even in winter, and barbecuing is always popular. We even have our own style of real estate, known as West Coast style, full of tall Cheap James Conner Jersey , angular windows and red cedar decks!

Perhaps one reason that the climate is secondary to us residents of the Pacific North West is because we feel we have the best of everything. Even in the winter, we can ski, snow board and frolic in the snow and then sail, or cruise, play in the sand, fish Cheap JuJu Smith-Schuster Jersey , hike and climb mountains - and all on the same day.

Hiking and camping are great favorites over here. With the giant firs framing views of the mountain peaks there is always a good panorama around the next corner! We have more than our share of mountains (sorry folks!) including Mount Rainier at over 14,000 feet high. As well as five mountain ranges we have four National Parks in the region. For history buffs, we can date ourselves back several centuries and there are still buildings to explore that are over a century old.

If we tire of the countryside, we are lucky to have two of the slickest cities in North America to amuse ourselves in. Seattle and Portland have everything a person could ever want, from sport to music to art. The events that are held in this area are too varied to mention, although the most famous one is the 24 day Seattle International Film Festival.

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