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MILAN , Italy, Sept. 16 (Xinhua) -- Europe has put sustainable mobility at the center of future "revolutionary policies" for better life of citizens, the mayors of some big cities in the European Union (EU) said here on Tuesday.

"Sustainable mobility has entered with full rights discussion among European ministers," Maurizio Lupi cheap nike air max mens , Transport Minister of the present EU rotating president Italy, told a press conference after a working lunch with mayors.

The talks on sustainable mobility were held during an ongoing informal meeting of EU transport ministers in Milan and on the kick-off day of European Sustainable Mobility Week, promoted by the European Commission (EC).

The initiative, which runs from Sept. 16 to Sept. 22 cheap nike air max womens , aims at raising citizens' awareness of the interdependence between their mobility choices, a better use of urban spaces and pollution reduction.

"How to put technology at the service of public space and of citizens will be the revolution of 21st century," Barcelona Mayor Xavier Trias told the press conference.

Earlier in the day, Trias signed a collaboration agreement with Milan Mayor Giuliano Pisapia on the themes of smart city cheap air max mens , migration and development.

The two metropolitan cities, namely areas that includes a large core city and the nearby smaller towns, have already exchanged experiences on similar projects in the past and are both part of C40, a network of cities from around the world committed to implementing sustainable actions locally.

"Finally we see an attention to sustainable mobility on the part of Europe cheap air max womens ," Pisapia stressed. For the first time, he added, there will be "a direct relation between the EC and metropolitan cities about funds at disposal for mobility."

Pisapia, whose center-left administration has particularly invested on sustainable mobility cheap nike air max shoes , highlighted the concrete results brought by sustainable mobility policies.

A congestion pricing introduced in 2012 has generated a 30-percent traffic reduction and lowering by 60-70 percent of black carbon emissions in the Italian economic capital, also resulting in increased use of public transport as well as of bike and car sharing.

"We conducted information campaigns, including assemblies throughout Milan. But when citizens saw concrete results, it was easier to convince them of the righteousness of sustainable mobility cheap nike air max ," Pisapia told Xinhua.

New media that are increasingly used in modern cities are an optimal tool to reach young generations, which can understand more easily the value of green initiatives, Leipzig Mayor Burkhard Jung said.

"We noted in Germany that young people do not want to have their own car anymore. They are more open-minded, and just use a car when they need it. Otherwise they prefer to use public transport system or share cars cheap air max shoes ," he said.

Jung underlined that internet services and new apps are very useful to develop sustainable mobility.

"Citizens must be involved in this process. They have to be enabled to propose their ideas thus be called to actively contribute to the improvement of life quality in their cities," he told Xinhua.

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