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PARIS, Oct. 1 (Xinhua) -- Paris 2024 Co-Chairman Tony Estanguet told media here Saturday that the possible withdrawal of Rome has no impact on the French capital's bid and the two historical cities don't share the worries when it comes to Olympic candidacy.

Just 10 days ago, Rome mayor Virginia Raggi announced her opposition to the Italian capital city's bid to host the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games, citing financial and corruption risk concerns.

The investments and costs needed to successfully host such a big event would be too high for the debt-ridden city, according to Raggi.

Estanguet, however, declined to take financial problem a major concerns.

"We don' t have any budget problem. It could not be possible," said the 38-year-old triple Olympic gold medals winner of canoe slalom. "One of the fact about Paris 2024 is that we already have 95% of existing venues and we only miss an aquatic center. So we speak not about a bid budget."

"We planned to have 3 billion euros with margin in case, as anything can happen. We definitely believe that one of the strengths of our bid is responsible.

"This is the fourth bid of Paris, and since the beginning we never give up. We continued to invest on sport, to build venues, and that's why we have now already the Velodrome, the canoeing venue, the new rugby arena and the new Bercy.

"We come back in this competition stronger," he said, adding that 40 major championships of Olympic sports have been organized during last year in Paris.

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