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Posted by Modelshoerenew in Home on January 22nd Vince Carter Raptors Jersey , 2018

Are your favorite pair of high heels worn out from wear and tear? Sure, you can buy a new one, but it won’t be as comfortable as a broken-in old pair that has already molded itself to your feet. The good news is that you can do high heel repair by yourself if you have the right tools and materials. Here are pointers to keep in mind when repairing worn out high heel tips at home.

The first thing that you should do is to measure the worn out heel tip. You will need this measurement to buy a new set in the same exact size and shape. Replacement parts are available online or in your local store.

Once you have new heel tips, it’s time to remove the old ones with pliers. You might need to exert a lot of effort especially if the heel is well-glued and hammered into the shoe. Here’s a tip to make sure that you don’t damage your shoes in the process: Instead of pulling out the tips Tracy Mcgrady Raptors Jersey , use a twisting motion (go from left to right) until they wiggle out. You can also cover your pliers with masking tape to avoid scratching the leather on the heel. Once you have removed the tips, check for some glue residue. The surface may also be uneven after the heel tip removal. Use a sandpaper to smoothen out the part where you will attach the new heel tip.

Now it’s time to connect your new heel tips to your shoes. Align the nail to the old hole where the worn-out heel tip used to be. Hammer the new tips in gently but with enough force.

Finally, check if everything is balanced. Put the shoe on a flat surface and make sure that it is levelled to the floor. You can also wear it to check. After you have finished with one shoe, you can then repeat the same procedure to fix the other one.

There is no doubt that high heel repair is a lot of work. You could damage your shoes accidentally and cause an even bigger problem. You might end up spending even more money than if you had just taken your shoes to professionals in the first place. Why not just bring your favorite high heels to a reputable repair shop? Expert cobblers can give your treasured pair the best treatment possible.

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