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The oxygen your body needs is attached to your blood's red cells Erase My Back Pain in your lungs and carried to the places it's wanted. Waste carbon dioxide takes its place on the red cell and goes back to your lungs to be breathed out. So what might happen to make you short of oxygen in muscles and get cramps? Usually it's because the red cells can't get enough oxygen to where it's needed. Here are the three key causes:

Working the muscles too hard - like runner's cramp. Your muscles are using up oxygen faster than your blood can supply it. Arteries are too narrow for enough blood to get through; this is usually 'fatty arteries', furred up inside with fat and LDL cholesterol. And no, you don't have to be fat to get it; you just have to eat the usual modern diet, full of sugar and fat and low in nutrients and fibre - it's a commonplace problem. You have 'sticky blood', where the blood cells are beginning to clot in your veins and arteries. This is also very common with today's poor diet, when your blood is near the acid end of its pH range. The clumps of cells are harder to get through narrower blood vessels. You may, of course, have a combination of these, none serious enough on its own, but together enough for cramping.

So period pains have a lot in common with the cramps athletes get when they outperform themselves and also with angina, which is cramping of the heart muscles of people with furred-up arteries. In each case, too little oxygen is getting to the muscle for it to work properly. Although painkillers can be useful, the obvious cure is to get more oxygen supply rather than to hide the problem. If you're getting excessive or unusual period pains, go to your doctor or nurse. PMT, PMS and cramping can be due to many other, less common causes, and you want to be sure that none of these is affecting you. Together, they're called dysmenorrhea (or dysmenorrhoea).

Improving Oxygen Supply If we look at the three points above in order, getting help for all three ought to make you feel significantly better. Uterine and abdominal cramps can't be 'worked less hard' unless you know that you get the cramps only when you're particularly active - take care with strenuous activity during your period,, especially lifting heavy stuff, if this is you. But the other two causes can be dealt with more easily. In the long-term, you can do two things: improve your diet and get fitter. Your local clinic nurse will be glad to advise.

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