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Personality is defined as the sum total of the physical Dave Keon Maple Leafs Jersey , mental, emotional, and social characteristics, as well as the organized pattern of behavioral characteristics of an individual.
Some of the traits of personality are listed out here
Merit, Knowledge, Goal Darryl Sittler Maple Leafs Jersey , Self-Esteem, Ability, Creativity, Attitude, Persistent Efforts, Growth Darcy Tucker Maple Leafs Jersey , Involvement

Merit exists only in works that are positively good. The relation between merit and reward furnishes the intrinsic reason in the matter of performance and its remuneration. Merit pay is an additional incentive paid to the employees based on goals achievements set by the employer. It can also be termed as recognition of performance. Merit pay typically involves the supervisor meeting with the employee to discuss the employee's work and to award an increase or a bonus based on

Knowledge is a fluid mix of framed experience, values, contextual information, and expert insight that provides a framework for evaluating and incorporating new experiences and information. It originates and is applied in the minds of employees. In ITES organizations it often becomes embedded, not only in documents or repositories but also in organizational routines, processes Bruce Boudreau Maple Leafs Jersey , practices and norms.

Goals of employees in ITES companies are generally building a skill or knowledge or changing a particular behavior. Even in a changing business environment these goals are good.

Self-esteem is made up of three components. They are self-love, self-acceptance and self-worth. Self-love is the ability to be kind and loving to oneself. It binds self-acceptance and self-worth together gives self-esteem. Self-acceptance is the ability to acknowledge our strengths and our weaknesses and accept them as equally valid parts of ourselves. Self-worth is how valuable, useful or worthwhile we view ourselves.

Ability is the proficiency to absorb and comprehend instructions and fundamental principles with the ability to reason, make judgments and solve problems. Employees feel good about one when they learn new things and part of that joy is sharing with others. It can be in the form of best practice meeting or in the case study discussions.

Every human being is capable of creative thought. We have creative abilities that often show up very early in life. Studies show that the average adult thinks of only three to four alternate ideas for any given problem, while the average youngsters can come up with sixty. They have proven that as far as creativity is concerned, quantity equals quality. Having the subjects make a list of ideas Brooks Laich Maple Leafs Jersey , the study shows that the longer the list, the higher the quality of the final solution.

Success and performance depends on one鈥檚 attitude. There are two types of attitude namely positive attitude and negative attitude. An employee with positive attitude is a high performer. One has to control their attitudes and cultivate in positive attitudes in spite of all struggles. An employee with positive attitude is caring, confident, patient, humble, cheerful Borje Salming Maple Leafs Jersey , fun loving, positive, hardworking, dedicated, committed and has high expectations about them. They constantly improve their productivity, has an easy approach to problems Bobby Baun Maple Leafs Jersey , improves quality of work, creates lasting and effective relationships, is highly loyal to the organization, passionately contributes to its profit, reduces stress, forms in them a pleasing personality Auston Matthews Maple Leafs Jersey , is courageous to take risks and initiatives, and takes responsibility for their growth and

Persistent Efforts
Persistence means keep on trying for success. It means carrying on with one鈥檚 plans even through many failures and discouragement. It means simply never, ever,]Cheap Nike Epic React Womens[/url] Cheap Nike Epic React Grey

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