4 Simple Keys to Weight Loss Success

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Most diets are not for everyone and probably Slim Kick Night Review not calorie shifting either but as a matter of fact, I have not heard of anyone failing at this diet. I know they claim that you lose 9 pounds in 11 days but I would say an average is more like 5 pounds per 11 day cycle. Remember that 5 pounds is a great loss and with the new add on the have called beyond calories helps you keep your new weighWhat is remarkable is that a lot of the dieters continue to lose as much weight on the second, third and so on cycle. I used an am currently using this diet and I have lost almost 50 ponds by now.

Shifting calories means simply that you eat calories from different food groups on different days. You could say that this really confuses your metabolism and that it goes into a supercharged mode. Our metabolism is designed in a special way. It calculates how much fat it will need to release in order to keep you going and the amount of fat released is based on the latest days of diet. Ok, now you set up to ambush your metabolism, you eat a certain kind of calories and in a few days your metabolism has adapted into the new regime. Now you prepare for your attack. Just when your metabolism starts to figure your new diet out...Attack! You switch your calorie intake in a profound way. Your metabolism gets shocked by the ambush and goes into the supercharged mode once more.

That this works is basically a product of our history (well, not our lives history but evolution). Our metabolism was designed to help us survive difficult times like starvation. This diet is also a good choice for those who lacks the discipline to follow tougher diets like VLED, Atkins or whatever. You don't have to calculate and measure your meal in every possible way. You get a meal plan, follow it and eat just short of full.There are some behaviors that need to be changed. You shouldn't eat processed foods, you should buy fresh groceries and cook your own meal. This helps in avoiding energy bombs like readymade hamburgers, readymade meals and so on.Jennifer Olsen was a master of failing at different diets. She understood that there were more to losing weight then just going on a diet. Today she has lost nearly 50 pounds with the calorie-shifting diet and meanwhile she has finished reading 'Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle' and she is implementing what she learned into daily activities.

You're probably thinking about all the delectable and succulent foods you are going to devour over the next couple of months. You're afraid you are going to spread and all your clothes will be too tight. This fear is beginning to set in and it's not even Thanksgiving yet. Stop! Do not think this waTell me something. What have you been doing to keep on track prior to the season? Have you been overindulging all year? If you are having this fear then your goals and motivation is not strong enough. In order to get through the season you must be completely ready. Your goals must be strong enough to prohibit you from overindulging. You have to get your mind ready. So many people give up and fail this time of year. Wouldn't you want to be the person to get on the scale after Christmas and say, hey I dropped 4lbs.


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