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Wood screws are likely the most common screw in the industry. Your fastener distributor sells millions of this type of fastener to contractors P.J. Williams Saints Jersey , handymen and women, craftsmen and maintenance staff all around the country. But what are the differences between the common flat wood screw and the popular round wood screw? How do you know which type to use on your project?

Take a closer look at these two fasteners to discover which one suits your application.

The Basics of Wood Screws

All wood screws are made with an aggressive style of thread, something that will easily grab and move through the wood particles. This thread is edged to cut through the soft material, and often finished with a sharp tip.

Several styles of driver can be found on at your local fastener distributor Andrus Peat Saints Jersey , including slot or flat and Phillips. Depending on the manufacturers available, square head or Robertson is another good choice for woodworking applications.

Benefits of Round Wood Screws

The round wood screw is a traditional fastener, with a raised round head. The bottom surface of the head is flat and sits against the joining surface, providing a decent clamping force.

This type of wood fastener is best used with thin materials Trey Hendrickson Saints Jersey , unless the screw length allows. Do not choose a round head wood screw for applications where snagging or catching would be a concern. This wood screw can be used to leave a rustic appearance and works well for applications were frequent replacement andor maintenance will be necessary, as aged or stripped round head screws tend to be easier to remove.

Benefits of Flat Wood Screws

A flat wood screw is an excellent choice for applications where space is an issue. Attach hinges and hardware to wood surfaces with a flat wood screw and the head will end up fairly flush against that surface. In any application that presents a tapered recess or soft joint surface, flat wood screws create a flush finish that is attractive and saves space.

This type of wood fastener has the same clamping force as other head styles (including round and oval), with the added bonus of a clean finish. Look for both flat wood screws with painted heads Sheldon Rankins Saints Jersey , designed to disappear visually into the wood. Ideal for decks, flooring and other surfaces where a clean look is desired.
Dealing With Hardwood

Experts agree that working with hardwood and wood screws presents several challenges. Always pre-drill a pilot hole no matter what type of wood screw you are using, as the threads on your typical screw will not be able to penetrate through dense hardwood.

Consider that strength if you plan to use a flat wood screw to achieve a flushed finish. Many hardwoods will not allow the screw head to recess, unless a tapered pilot hole is created. Round head wood screws may be the better choice with hardwood.

Your fastener distributor carries both styles of wood screw-the flat wood screw for a recessed finish and the round wood screw for applications where space is not an issue. Oval wood screws combine those two types to produce a unique finish Alex Anzalone Saints Jersey , although that head style is not as widely available.

Mike Moore is published on more than 300 websites. He writes about industrial fasteners and building, commercial building, and home building projects . He is published on various website including

Feng Jun

THE former general manager of State Grid Shanghai Electric Power Co admitted in court yesterday to taking more than 26.4 million yuan (US$4.1 million) in bribes from multiple companies which received Feng’s “help” in exchange for obtaining contracts and other favorable treatment from the state power company.

Feng Jun, 58 Marcus Williams Saints Jersey , who was removed from his position once he was put under investigation late October last year, stood trial along with his wife at the Shanghai No. 1 Intermediate People’s Court.

The couple also faced a charge of failing to account for 76 million yuan worth of belongings.

The court did not name the companies involved.

Feng is accused of abusing his position as general manager of State Grid Jiangsu Electric Power Co and general manager of State Grid Shanghai Electric Power Co to favor bids for state contracts submitted by the firms, which in return bought houses and a car from Feng at higher than market prices.

He is also alleged to have accepted gifts, including expensive watches and a car. Feng yesterday admitted to taking bribes Ryan Ramczyk Saints Jersey , although he said that the figures used in court were inflated as the current prices of his property were used as opposed to the market value at the time they were acquired.

His wife, Chen Jiali, who also pleaded guilty to taking bribes, was unaware of the money’s origin until recently Marshon Lattimore Saints Jersey , Feng said.

“At the very end, when she noticed that I was taking bribes, she tried to persuade me not to do so several times,” he said.

A verdict is pending.

Earlier this week Cameron Jordan Saints Jersey , Ai Baojun, the former vice mayor of Shanghai, was put under investigation on suspicion of “serious discipline breaches” by the Communist Party’s disciplinary watchdog.

Lu Jin, the former deputy director of Jinshan District Michael Thomas Saints Jersey , was earlier put under “coercive measures” by the Shanghai No. 1 Intermediate Prosecutors’ Office. The term is a catchall for everything from summons by force to bail, residential surveillance, detention or arrest.

WELLINGTON, May 13 (Xinhua) -- Foreign visitors to New Zealand are often surprised to find one of their first official contacts in the country is with a dog sniffing over their luggage.

The biosecurity detector dogs are searching for forbidden products such as fruit, vegetables, and other foods and plants, that could carry bugs or bacteria that pose a risk to New Zealand's unique native flora and fauna or to the pillar agriculture industry.

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