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As you will see in this article and the next Tytus Howard Color Rush Jersey , responding effectively to inquiries - in a way that maximizes your chances of securing bookings - is a well-balanced cocktail of technology, behavioral science, intuition, good communications and experience.

How Your Computer's Auto-Reply Capability Can Become an Ally

You're not always in front of your computer when inquiries arrive. And responding to all those inquiries can be quite time-consuming. But you've learned that not responding in a timely manner is not an option - it may mean losing bookings. On the positive side Black Benardrick McKinney Jersey , your quick turnaround tells a potential guest that you'll be just as responsive in dealing with any problem that may arise during his stay. So what's the solution?

You've probably noticed those automatic computer messages that business people generate to confirm reception of email when they're away from the office for any extended period of time. You too can put this tool to good use in your rental business. Setting up an auto-reply message can help you manage your initial contacts with your potential renters. The technical procedure is pretty straight-forward, but if you can't figure it out, ask a technician or friend for help.

Start by deciding what level of information you want to provide in this first correspondence - which will be your second chance to make a positive impression. Renters will have already viewed your property listing, which means your auto-reply message should include some additional useful information. However Black Kevin Johnson Jersey , it's important to avoid overkill at this stage - it's often better not to tell all until you have a better idea of your renter's needs, desires and personality. So save the detailed explanations and the answers to his questions for your next communication. With experience, you will get a sense for how much info and which precise details to include in this first communication, and how to work up from there. You might want to include some of your own questions Black Nick Martin Jersey , to help you screen the renter.

Some owners have simplified their lives and that of their renters by setting up a Web page that provides standard, high-quality information to renters. Your first communication with your potential renter could simply be a referral to your Web page. If this is your approach, make sure that you still sound warm and personal in your email message and not distant or mechanical.

While you're thinking about what to include in your first communication, why not set up today a warm but professional auto-reply message such as this one:

We're so pleased that our property caught your attention! We're very much looking forward to telling you more about it and our exciting region and answering all your questions. We promise to get back to you within 24 hours. Please tell us where you learned about our property and if this is your first trip to our area.

Remember to provide your name Black Will Fuller V Jersey , contact info and the name and reference ID of your property on third-party Web sites so that the renter who has been exploring several properties can remember yours. If you have a web page, add your link as well as a link back to your property listings on those other sites. Make sure you know how to activate (hyperlink) these links in your email (see Insert menu). Reiterate the dates to avoid confusion later.

The Fast-and-Dirty Response

When you're ready to sit down and answer those inquiries, start by glancing through all of them to identify those that can or should be handled urgently - there are at least four types in this urgent category.

* Last-minute bookings: If a renter has decided to organize a last-minute vacation, there's no time to lose - you'll need to give priority to his request.

* Dates and pricing: Many renters start their search by sending off messages to several potentially interesting property listings. All they are interested in at this point is availability and pricing Black Julien Davenport Jersey , so don't waste their time or yours by providing a lot of information they don't want at this time. Two exceptions: If you're booked out on the requested dates, do provide alternate dates - this might turn things around. And don't lose an opportunity to invest in the future: Add a "hook" - some tidbit of info that could work to keep you high on the renter's priority list, if not for this vacation then sometime soon.

* Poor match: With experience, you'll be able to identify renters who are unsuited to your property. These situations will be easier to handle if you have already taken the time to determine exactly who your target clientele is and what kind of renter you want to avoid. Matching the inquiry against that list - and against your rules and regulations - should allow you to screen. Remember to send these people a thoughtful email thanking them for their interest and telling them why your property is not the right one for them.

* Scams: Watch out for suspicious emails - among tell-tale signs are offers to pay by wire transfer or other unusual payment methods Black DOnta Foreman Jersey , confusing or contradictory information or multiple grammar mistakes. A quick phone call to the supposed renter or a reverse phone search will help confirm your intuition. If you are pretty sure that the inquiry is a scam, delete the email and warn the sites on which you list your properties.

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