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The bremont kingsman watch dial shows strong readability and high contrast. The black dial has a large number of Arabic numerals and a white counter with sharp contrast. However, it also has a certain degree of elegance, because the face is still quite clean, even if the hands are clear, but also fine and harmonious. This layout is classic: hours and minutes on the central axis, small seconds at 9 o'clock (also in black, so it does not affect readability), 30 minutes counter at 12 o'clock, 12 hours counter at 6 o'clock, and finally, GMT pointer with 24-hour scale on the rotating inner frame - 8 o'clock can be rotated through the top.

Test pilots are different breeds. Thomas Wolfe's The Right Things introduces us to a group of characters who risk their lives in pursuit of sound barriers. On October 14, 1947, Chuck Yegger successfully drove his bell X-1 to Mach 1, opening the door to supersonic flight. When many of his test pilots joined the Mercury space program, Yeg continued to yaw, pitch and roll on the experimental plane. This is a dangerous job. Bremmont is a company that continues to have important military ties by providing squadron watches. Instead of recalling the war stories of the past as his kind grandfather did, Bremmont served in the modern army. The USNTPS (improved civilian Alt1-Z GMT) of the U.S. Navy Flight Test School is a good example. After seeing the New Territories, such as Regatta and Bremont watches, or Bremont X Jaguar watches, the brand has now returned to its place of fame, the old military pilot best swiss replica watches.

To pay tribute to the DH-88 Gomet and Grosvenor Towers in Dejaviland, which broke the flight record from England to Australia in 1934, the limited edition of Comet DH-88 in Bremmont is the latest collection. Not only did Nick and the Gills Englishman (founder) incorporate part of the soul into the watch, but they did put things on the plane into the watch... It's cool. Given this tradition, Bremont has developed a watch that can be easily worn in intercontinental flights, so you won't be surprised that the Bremont DH-88 Comet Limited Edition is a GMT timepiece. The dimensions of 282 stainless steel and 82 18K pink and gold mobile phone shells are 43 mm x 16.2 mm. Short and curved lugs, polished surface, crown, one for setting/winding, the other for starting internal 24-hour scale, showing a retro diamond shape (inspired by antique pilots'watches). This case also has a good contrast with the black DLC coating of the central barrel.

bremont has recently launched several new limited editions, most of which have not yet been officially announced and may not be officially announced. Except alt1tude of Bremen Forum.As mentioned earlier, the Beihai SM500 is based on the existing Super Sea 500 black, but there are some effects of SM2000 that have not yet been released. Yes, Bremmont will launch a supership at a depth of 2000 meters! I mean the red font on the dial, which also appears on SM2000. Of course there won't be "Beihai" on the SM2000 dial, but you see, right?

One of the cheap luxury watches is the Beihai SM500, limited edition, which is the first special nonmilitary project in Bremmont. Beihai SM500 is a variant of Bremont Supermarine 500 that we reviewed earlier. An amazing diving watch with impressive specifications! Beihai SM500 is only applicable to pre-authorized Beihai divers. So, for us mortals, getting one is unchanged, and the Beihai SM500 has been sold out. Perhaps the only opportunity is the second-hand market. Bremont Forum Alt1Tude has its own sales corner, which is actually very convenient when you are looking for second-hand Bremont. Another detail different from the normal Supermarine 500 is the second hand. A red tip and glow point are added, just like more aviation-inspired timers.

Compared with the normal S500, there are more changes. For example, the carving on the back of the box. Although the conventional model features an airplane, the North Sea features an old diver's helmet engraved. One thing hasn't changed, Beihai SM500 has, like the conventional S500, great case details, impact resistance and killer Lum! If you haven't read very impressive specifications, such as extra hardened steel and patented shock-proof sports hangers, see my comments on the ordinary Supermarine 500. Aircraft watches must be accurate, so the company's label line is "untested", but Bremont also adds to the emotional beauty of the British. Refining is the right word. The dial has the beauty of a timer, reminiscent of the cockpit. The sub-dial receives hints from attitude indicator, altimeter and wind speed indicator. This watch looks like a dashboard. The necessary timetable strengthens the table's preparation for action.

The quality of fit and finish, especially the sport of over-decoration, has become a symbol of Bremmont. We've written about the solid case structure before, and every Bremont watch combines strength and charm. On Vickers hardness scale, the shell value produced by B-EBE2000 quenching process is 2000, which is about 7 times that of ordinary stainless steel used for the shell.Black, dark grey, light grey or cream dial, Alter 1-Z makes all our test pilots. Just as an airplane can attract you with its smooth strength and long lines, Art 1-Z is a bystander.

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