How do I activate my Norton product key?

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For those who are not aware of the Norton Power Eraser and its uses, it is a powerful tool that helps you to remove the virus and malware along with the other vulnerable risks.
If your computer or PC is affected by the virus and malware then you might face issues in detecting or removing the infection, but with the use of Norton Power Eraser, you can easily remove the virus from the computer.
Cybercriminals use scareware or rogueware (Rogue security software) to trap you in anonymous download threats on your computer.
With Norton Power Eraser, you will be armed with the detection and removal facilities for the viruses and malware that mimic some legal applications.
And such virus-infected sites are known as scamware or scareware. The Norton Power Eraser tool is used more aggressively and quite often than the Norton antivirus products, hence, there might be a risk that you remove some authentic files and downloads as well. It is recommended, that you should review the scan results before you remove any file or document from your computer or PC.
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