The Cardinals haven’t even had a private meeting

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The Jets could be loving this."WhiteFanposts Fanshots Sections 49ers Salary CapLevi’s Stadium Events49ers Transactions49ers Injury News49ers Press Conferences & Conference Calls2019 NFL Draft: 49ers picks Arik Armstead Jersey , mock drafts, news, rumors, analysisJay Glazer says that No. 2 pick is going to be mighty valuable if the Cardinals pass on MurrayNew,272commentsThe Jets could be loving this. PDTShareTweetShareShareJay Glazer says that No. 2 pick is going to be mighty valuable if the Cardinals pass on MurrayWe’ve been riding this Kyle Murray to the Arizona Cardinals narrative since the NFL Combine when Cardinals head coach Kliff Kingsbury called it a ‘done deal.’ Now if we really want to look at this objectively and consider history, it’s not a done deal until Murray’s name is called. The Cardinals haven’t even had a private meeting with Murray yet. So what happens if they don’t take Murray? Well that (probably) leaves a pass rusher off the board and Murray available at two. In his recent mailbag with The Athletic, Jay Glazer says that No. 2 pick would be a frenzy to trade away: If the Cardinals were to draft Quinnen Williams or Nick Bosa, that may leave the 49ers with a choice of taking who was not drafted, or getting out of No. 2 altogether. They were reported to be torn between the two and not seeing Kentucky linebacker Josh Allen as a No. 2 prospect. Glazer thinks that Murray can’t fall further than No. 2, that’s pretty certain. Don’t rule out the possibility of him going one more spot and being drafted at No. 3.Trading up to No. 3 with the New York Jets would be much cheaper than trading up to No. 2 where you force not only to move the 49ers back, but take them out of the hunt of their top-pick. That said, if Murray is as impressive as everyone has been reporting, you go get your guy, and that may make the second overall the guarantee to a quarterback of the future. It’s obvious the 49ers are not going to draft a quarterback Frank Gore Color Rush Jersey , and the Jets aren’t going to either. They are both set at the position. So unless the 49ers took Murray to spite everyone, teams could easily put together a package to the Jets that would be a smidgen less-expensive, and this is assuming the combination of Williams and Bosa is off the board.Of course, if there is significant interest for Murray, teams could alternatively decide to speak with the Jets, and then someone could just knock them out and hop in at 2. One of the reasons the Chicago Bears moved up one spot for a quarterback (Mitchell Trubisky) in the 2017 draft was to block anyone else from potentially hopping in and taking him from under their noses. That’s where the No. 2 pick this year beats No. 3. I do think the No. 2 pick will carry incredible value if the Cardinals pass on Murray, but I also think it’s not out of the realm of possibility that one or multiple teams negotiate with the Jets and the 49ers are avoided due to the compensation required. The 49ers could be seen as a last resort by a desperate, quarterback needy team. For instance, if the Raiders wanted Murray in this situation and lost a trade to the Jets, they have the ammo and positioning to say “bullstuff” and hop in front. Remember: in this situation, not only is a team trading to the No. 2 spot—which is expensive by itself, but they are also forcing the 49ers to pass on a very high, once in a generation prospect in Quinnen Williams and/or Nick Bosa. That’s two things they are forcing them to do, that is going to be crazy expensive. Honestly , if I’m the Jets right now I’m loving this. No. 3 seems like it could carry some weight for a nice trade or, I’d be in line for NIck Bosa/Quinnen Williams when I may not have been otherwise while the 49ers go into a bidding war. But I wouldn’t at all be surprised with the looks/praise Murray is getting if the Jets are ignored and the 49ers are given a Tonka truck filled with picks. Free-agent (for more than two years) quarterback Colin Kaepernick continues to be available. Many think he continues to be blackballed by a group of owners who are, among other things, fearful of the reaction President Trump.On Friday morning, during a lengthy open-air, high-temperature Q&A with reporters, President Trump gave his blessing to an NFL team employing Kaepernick. With a caveat.“Only if he’s good enough,” President Trump said. “If he’s good enough. . . . And I think if he was good enough, I know the owners, I know Bob Kraft, I know so many of the owners. If he’s good enough, they’d sign him. So if he’s good enough — I know these people — they would sign him in a heartbeat. They will do anything they can to win games.“So I’d like to see it. Frankly, I’d love to see Kaepernick come in, if he’s good enough. But I don’t want to see him come in because somebody thinks it’s a good P.R. move. If he’s good enough Laken Tomlinson Jersey , he will be in.”That explanation sounds a lot like what Commissioner Roger Goodell said about Kaepernick two years ago, before the Ravens decided to refrain from signing Kaepernick not because he wasn’t good enough, but because he was deemed to be bad for business. Indeed, Goodell shifted — in a very subtle but significant way — his talking points regarding Kaepernick once the question of his employment went from being a matter of winning games to being an issue of making (or losing) money. (Earlier this year, while Kaepernick’s collusion grievance was still pending, Goodell retreated to the “teams want to win” mantra, possibly because he was pushed to adopt one position or the other during his deposition testimony in Kaepernick’s case.)The “good enough” argument went out the window a long time ago, and the fact that Kaepernick hasn’t played for more than two-and-a-half years makes it easier for NFL teams to continue to ignore him based on perceived lack of merit. Fear of the reaction not only by Trump but also by Trump supporters continues to fuel the business reasons for shunning Kaepernick, along with both a desire to teach a lesson to players who may be inclined to spark movements that are averse to the league’s interests and a willingness to sue the league, ultimately finagling a payment that fell somewhere between $1 million and $10 million in order to settle the claim.At this point, Kaepernick’s name doesn’t even come up when a team needs a quarterback. Ten years to the month after the Eagles gave a second chance to admitted dogfighter Mike Vick, Philadelphia needs a capable backup to Carson Wentz. And Kaepernick’s phone likely will continue to not ring.It’s likely never going to ring, and the NFL is probably only one season away from it never being an issue again.

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