ad dished the puck up the wall

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OTTAWA - Injuries have forced Canadian distance runner Simon Bairu to retire. Billy Price Bengals Jersey .The 31-year-old from Regina is the Canadian record-holder in the 10,000 metres and has won three national 10-K titles on the road.Bairu was a cross-country standout at the University of Wisconsin, then went on to win seven national cross-country titles. He also finished 12th at the 2010 world cross-country championships — one of the best results ever by a Canadian.After dealing with constant injuries I decided it was time to move on, Bairu said in a statement. Bairu, who grew up in Saskatchewan after arriving as a Saudi Arabian refugee with his family as a young boy, was pegged as a future Canadian marathon star. But injuries continued to derail his attempts at the 42.195-kilometre distance.Bairu has accepted a sports marketing job with Nike. Mark Walton Jersey . The teams all-time leading scorer, DeRo has won everything there is to win in MLS. Chris Baker Bengals Jersey . Left-handed reliever Boone Logan agreed to a $16.5 million, three-year contract on Friday, a person familiar with the negotiations told The Associated Press. . Dane Dobbie had four goals and two assists, Karsen Leung had two goals and two assists, and Matthew Dinsdale scored two and helped on another for Calgary (6-3). Shawn Evans and Jeff Shattler had eight-point games with a goal and seven assists apiece, and Jon Harnett and Geoff Snider also scored.Got a question on rule clarification, comments on rule enforcements or some memorable NHL stories? Kerry wants to answer your emails at! Hi Kerry, In Saturdays game between Detroit and Ottawa, some Red Wing players - especially Pavel Datsyuk - were the recipients of some vicious checking by Ottawa. Late in the game, Datsyuk received an elbow to the jaw from Jared Cowen. Datsyuk will miss at least two games and possibly more. The NHL described the hit as accidental and stated that Cowen will not be punished. If we want to clean up the game and protect star players as the NHL professes to do, are they not being hypocritical - especially when hits to the head occur? Perhaps the impending law suit might awaken them from their slumber? Tony Boodhoo, Ingersoll --- Hey Kerry, As a former amateur official, I always enjoy your articles. Wondering about your take on the non-call on Jared Cowens elbow/forearm to the chin of Pavel Datsyuk. Looked to me to be a clear fly by elbow from Cowen as he skated by Datsyuk who had pulled up along the boards. I assume the on-ice officials did not see it has it was quick and sneaky, but no doubt deliberate. I dont understand why there was no discipline from Player Safety. Datsyuk has missed two games as of this email waiting for symptoms to clear. Isnt this the kind of gratuitous and deliberate head shot the League is trying to remove from the game, coincidentally on the eve of the concussion class action suit? Thanks for your thoughts and keep up the good work. David W. Barton ---Hi Kerry, Can you help the hockey world understannd how Jared Cowens elbowing Pavel Datsyuk in the face was neither penalized on the ice and was not suspended for it? Datsyuk has what appears to now be a concussion, missing his second game. Billy Price Jersey. . The league has made an issue of hits to the head, and this to me appears as blatant as they come. If you havent seen it, here it is: Pavel is a several time Lady Byng winner, and one of the best players in the world, and the message sent from the league is its open season again on star players. I just dont get it anymore with these attempts to injure and non calls. Thanks! Tom from Los Angeles Tony, David and Tom: By describing Jared Cowens extended elbow on this play as accidental, we are led to believe that Cowen didnt intend to make contact with Pavel Datsyuks chin/head. That might be the case, since no one other than Jared Cowen knows his true intention. The penalty was most likely missed by the referee since the hit was late and well after Datsyuk had dished the puck up the wall to Brendan Smith at the point. This resulted in a natural shift in the refs focus of attention. A more detailed explanation of the incident and utilizing language from Rule 48.1 (iii) to describe why a suspension did not result from the play might go something like this: Jared Cowen set up to attempt a legal shoulder check on Pavel Datsyuk. Datsyuk became aware of the impending contact and materially changed the position of his body (stopping/pulling up) and his head (dropped/lowered) prior to or simultaneously with the hit in a way that significantly contributed to the head contact. Jared Cowen recognized that his intended legal contact was going to be avoided by Pavel Datsyuks material change in body/head position and Cowen extended his elbow thereby striking Datsyuk in the head. The Player Safety Committee might have concluded that Jared Cowen extended his elbow in a reflex move and as a byproduct of Pavels last second avoidance to being hit thereby deeming it accidental. We know from previously broadcast decisions the language of Rule 48 is often referred to and utilized as a reference and guideline by the PSC. I say its time to alter the thought process in situations such as this. No matter how you spin it, the irrefutable evidence is that Pavel Datsyuks head became the sole point of contact when Jared Cowen made a poor decision to extend his elbow and delivered the late, illegal contact. Datsyuk sustained an injury resulting from Cowens elbow to the head. The wrong message is sent to the rank and fil

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