The company I choose as my network marketing business

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Top MLM Companies

In the United States and around the world there are hundreds if not thousands of MLM or Network Marketing Companies to start a home based business with. Some are new puma rihanna creepers grises , some have been around for a few years and some companies have with stood the test of time.

If you are looking to join a network marketing it can be a daunting task to find a company that might be a good fit for you. Maybe you have been approached by a family member, friend or business associate who has asked you to take a look at their company but you don’t know much about that company other than what they might have told you.

There are 3 companies, Direct Selling News, MLM Rankings puma creepers negras y doradas , Npros, that compile news, facts, figures and information about MLM companies in the network marketing industry. I regularly visit these websites to access more information about MLM companies when I am researching for a MLM Company Review I might be doing.

Top MLM Companies 2010 Figures

Just recently puma creepers burdeos , in June of 2011, the figures and facts for the Top 100 MLM Companies of 2010 has recently been made available. Looking forward into 2012, it will be interesting to see the results for 2011 but we will have to wait a while. In the mean time here is a snapshot of the top 100 MLM companies for 2010.

The total wholesale revenue for 2010 was $66 billion dollars.
The top 10 MLM companies accounted for $39 billion dollars in sales volume alone.
There are more than 43 million distributorsindependent reps worldwide.
The top 100 MLM companies represent 14 nations.
11 new companies joined the top 100 MLM companies rankings.
As you can see these figures are pretty astounding. The Network Marketing Industry is growing by leaps and bounds because of the current economic crisis around the world and will continue to do so for many years to come. As Paul Zane Pilzner says “10 million new millionaires” will be created between 2006 – 2016.

The 10 Top MLM Companies for 2010

Ok, so here is the list of the top 10 MLM Companies and the revenue they created for 2010.

Avon Products puma creepers granate , Inc. – $10.9 billion
Amway – $9.2 billion
Natura Cosmeticos SA – $3 billion
Vorwerk & Co. KG – $2.9 billion
Herbalife Ltd. – $2.7 billion
Mary Kay Inc. – $2.5 billion
Tupperware Brands Corp. – $2.3 billion
Oriflame Cosmetics S.A. – $2.2 billion
Forever Living Products – $1.7 billion
Nu Skin Enterprises, Inc. – $1.5 billion

You can find more information on the top 50 mlm companies or the top 100 mlm companies at the Direct Selling News Website.

In Conclusion, its important to research a home based business before you join. Just because the company you might be looking at is not on the top MLM companies list doesn’t mean it’s not a good solid company. From the research I have done there are plenty of excellent network marketing companies to choose from in the top 100 MLM Companies. Some have been around for a hundred years and some for just a couple of years.

The company I choose as my network marketing business is only 2 years old but they are on the rise and they market a unique product that has never been marketed in the history of network marketing.

Not only did I join this company because of the products but also because of the leadership from the field distributors. When you have a team that is built upon leader backed by leader and those leaders are willing to help you and get you trained properly your chances of becoming successful are greater than the other guy or gal.

I would be surprised if this MLM company doesn’t make it on the top 100 MLM companies list within a year or two.

My hopes are that you become successful in whatever company you join and that you found this blog post to be helpful in your endeavors.

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