Recently I read a book called "The

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Recently I read a book called "The Story of Scientists." The book tells the story of the growth of many scientists, including Chinese scientists Zhang Heng, Xu Qiguang, Song Yingxin, Shen Kuo... and foreign scientists Franklin, Freud.hat impressed me the most in this book is Newton. He likes to think very much. Once, when Newton was resting under the apple tree, an apple just fell on his head. He thought: Why is the apple falling to the ground instead of flying to the sky? It is because of his diligent thinking and observation that he finally discovered the gravity of the earth. In addition, Newton also discovered the three laws of mechanics: the law of inertia Parliament Cigarettes, the law of falling body, the law of force and reaction. Great contributions have been made to future research. Once again, a friend of Newton came to see him and waited for him for a long time outside the lab. When he was hungry, he ate the chicken on the table alone and then left without saying goodbye Cigarettes For Sale. After a long time, Newton��s experiment came to an end. He felt that his stomach was screaming and rushing out to eat chicken. He saw the remaining chicken bones in the plate and actually said to the assistant: ��Haha, I have already eaten. I thought I didn't eat it!" Someone who read this story will think that Newton is very funny. I don't know if I eat it or not. I think Newton did forget to eat because he loves science. It is because of Newton��s spirit of dedication to science that he can discover the three laws of mechanics and make outstanding contributions to the scientific progress of mankind.As the saying goes: "Genius is one percent of inspiration plus ninety-nine percent of sweat Marlboro Menthol 100S." "The future of science can only belong to a diligent and modest generation."British youth Robinson liked sailing since childhood, and traveled three times to travel to South America.e bid farewell to his family and experienced countless dangers in the thrilling voyage. Later he was unfortunately killed in the Pacific Ocean. The people on board were buried in the sea. Only one of them could survive miraculously and go to a deserted island.He got the revelation of life from the gap of despair. With amazing perseverance and tenacious labor, he pioneered wasteland on an isolated island, captive livestock, and produced rice and wheat. He built the house, harvested the grain, and made clothing from the hide. Later he rescued a native, called him "Friday" and accepted him as a servant Carton Of Cigarettes. With his hardworking hands, he created a living home for himself.t was not until the 28th year that a ship came to the island. Robinson helped the captain to subdue the rebel sailors and returned to the UK. He took back all the benefits of the Brazilian estate and gave a part to those who helped him.omeone once said Marlboro Cigarettes Online, "As a person, the first thing you should learn is how to survive." In such a difficult living environment, Robinson's strength and perseverance are impressive. The author Defu once commented Robinson in this way: "The image is uneasy about the status quo, courageous action, courageous pursuit, fearless danger, and open up the creator of the new world according to the model of modern civilization." Many people just want to be satisfied with the status quo, most It is good to live a happy life without any storm, but they do not know that those who have not experienced great winds and waves are not hit and challenged. Some people have gotten through the test to get what they want, but once they are lost, they can no longer cheer up. Because they are afraid that they will once again be struggling to solve difficult problems.hink about yourself again. In the ordinary life, is it only a little difficulty to get rid of? Is it frustrating just because of a failed exam? This is not acceptable. We must learn from Robinson��s spirit of never giving up, be brave enough to challenge and explore unknown things, and work hard to solve problems when they encounter problems rather than shrinking. With such a spirit, it will not be far from success.

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