The long road of life is bumpy, difficult, happ

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The long road of life is bumpy, difficult, happy, and I believe that everyone has an unforgettable scene. I am no exception.At that time, I was going to kindergarten. One day, when I finished my class, I grabbed the bag and ran. I ran and thought: "Dad must wait for me at the door. I won't let him worry." Wait for me to run. At the door, I found that many parents were waiting for the children. I looked at the crowd and I didn��t have a daddy. My heart was suddenly half-cooled. I was anxiously waiting for my father, watching the children and my parents. Going home together How Much Is A Carton Of Newports, I am waiting for the left, waiting for the right, our teacher Li came out and saw me, and asked me amiably: "Li Xinshuo, why don't you go home!" I said: "My father has not come yet. "I will lead you home!" The teacher led me on the way home, I walked, suddenly my stomach hurt, as if Sun Wukong was rolling in my stomach, I was kneeling On the ground, if I didn't leave, the teacher looked at me uncomfortably, and asked with concern: "Li Xinshuo, what happened!" I said with anger: "My stomach hurts." The teacher said nothing, immediately put me on my back. Run to a hospital. She hurriedly said to the doctor: "Help me to see this child!" The doctor looked at it and said, "This child has a diarrhea. It takes nothing to eat a few of the medicines I have prescribed." When I took the medicine, Teacher Li helped. I am drinking water. When I am hungry, Teacher Li helps me buy food. When I arrived the next day, I went home. After I went home, I saw my parents anxiously. I hurriedly explained. After listening to my parents, I happily held Teacher Li: "Thank you, you are really a good teacher!" Dad hurriedly took out two 100 yuan to the teacher Cigarette Tobacco For Sale, but the teacher said: "You earn money." It��s not easy, this money is left to pay the children tuition!�� Dad said that he had to stay, the teacher looked at our house and it��s okay, and left Newport 100S. I thanked the teacher with gratitude: ��Goodbye, Teacher Li, thank you. ."Since Mom and Dad are very busy, it is often my own to eat. I love the yogurt when I am uh a yogurt machine Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes, and the main source of my drink depends on it. Just put the prepared yogurt from the yogurt machine into the refrigerator and freeze it into a cold yoghurt in the summer. For the sake oas usual to find the yogurt, and then I lay down on the sofa and closed my eyes. After a while, Mom and Dad will go to gotowork. Before leaving, my father left a few words in my ear and went out. At the time, I felt that the yogurt in the mouth was harder to swallow than the ramen on the plateau. I can imagine all kinds of pictures in my head: Mom is going to sleep after work shifts at night, but I think I will go home tomorrow, I think that the yogurt has not been done yet Newport Cigarettes, so I am tired of dragging my tired body... I remembered my father before. My mother��s temper and yelling, reminding her parents of disappointing eyes, I was embarrassed by the scene.

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