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Memory loss can affect anyone Tre'Davious White Jersey , but it may be particularly serious among the elderly. If your memory fails regularly, you could be suffering from psychological stress or a physical disorder. Ayurvedic practitioners see a connection between mind and body Tremaine Edmunds Jersey , and therefore treat memory loss holistically by using diet, yoga and Ayurvedic Medicines for Memory.

Herbs used to prepare ayurvedic medicines

Ayurvedic medicines are made from wide range of herbs that are beneficial for the body and more specifically the memory. Any herb that increases the strength of the body and brings moisture will boost your memory at some level. Specific herbs for memory may include:

• Gotu Kola

• Brahmi

• Jatamamsi

• Bhringaraj

• Shankapushpi

Lifestyle changes

• Many students feel problem in retaining the things in their mind. Students can make some changes in their lifestyle to increase their memory.

• Do regular exercise for effective functioning of the brain cells.

• Eat nutritious diet including fruits and vegetables to get proper nutrition.

• Meditation and yoga is very helpful to improve concentration and memory. Children who lack concentration should do meditation and yoga exercise to boost memory and concentration.

• Adequate sleep is also crucial to maintain good concentration. Students who do not get adequate sleep of seven to eight hours fail to concentrate on their studies.

Dietary changes

• Diet plays a vital role in having good memory. Children usually lack concentration and have poor memory due to poor eating habits.

• Dinner should be eaten two hours before sleeping as late dinners may cause apathy and children feel lazy and they cannot concentrate on their studies.

• Fruits and green vegetables are very essential for improving memory. Children who do not eat balanced diet suffer from many problems. Thus Josh Allen Jersey , it is very important to eat proper balanced diet.

• Old people should not drink tea and coffee regularly. Too much drinking of tea and coffee should be avoided as it can cause giddiness and loss of memory.

Home remedies for improving memory

• Take about five to six almonds and soak overnight. Peel them off in early morning and make a paste. Add this paste in one glass of milk and drink everyday for few months. It is a good home remedy for children to improve memory and concentration.

• Good sleep is very vital for improving concentration and memory. Students who do not take adequate sleep often get fewer marks.

• Meditation is an essential technique for improving concentration. Students should do meditation for few minutes regularly to increase concentration.

• Black grams are really a good choice for brain. Soak some black grams overnight and keep them for a day. Let them sprout and eat them regularly to increase your memory and energy.

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