About 162,000 Iraqis lost their lives in

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NEW YORK http://www.authenticsteelersstore.com/Steelers-Sean-Davis-Draft-Jersey/ , Aug. 24 (Xinhua) -- As the global equity markets collapsed Monday amid economic growth concerns, analysts believe the world's stock markets could be more volatile in the future.

The Chinese stock markets had their worst day in eight years Monday with the benchmark Shanghai Composite Index tumbling 8.49 percent to close at 3,209 points.

The Dow tumbled 588 points, or 3.58 percent, to 15,871, after sliding more than 1,000 points http://www.authenticsteelersstore.com/Steelers-Ryan-Shazier-Draft-Jersey/ , or 6 percent at the opening. The S&P 500 shed 77.68 points, or 3.94 percent, to 1,893. The Nasdaq Composite Index sank 179.79 points, or 3.82 percent, to 4,526.

Investors are very fearful, said Thomas Lee http://www.authenticsteelersstore.com/Steelers-Roosevelt-Nix-Draft-Jersey/ , managing partner of research company Fundstrat. They are processing a lot of information - China's economic data, timing of the Federal Reserve's rate rise, weak oil prices. It's too much worries for investors to keep holding the stocks.

Brendan Ahern, the portfolio manager of KraneShares, said that the U.S. equity markets have done exceedingly well without a significant correction which has been overdue. And U.S. valuations have risen along with stock prices unabated for seven years.

Stephen Roach, professor at Yale University and former chairman of Morgan Stanley Asia, said the U.S stock market has been supported by the Federal Reserve's expected move, not by the weak economic recovery.

"That's all we've been concerned about. The support from the Fed was artificial http://www.authenticsteelersstore.com/Steelers-Rod-Woodson-Draft-Jersey/ , but the policies are not necessary for the fundamental change of the economy," he said.

Now signals indicated that the U.S. central bank wanted to start increasing interest rate to stop the quantitative easing. A lot of stimulants to the stock market have been made by the Federal Reserve is now in the process of being withdrawn.

Investors also saw the positive side of the market. Thomas Lee viewed it as a correction or pullback of the market. The U.S. equity market is still supported by the strong housing market and low gasoline prices which could help consumption.

Markets are concerned about China's economy, said Lee, but was quick to add that the economic situation in China is probably better than what investors believed. The stock market fell back so quickly, the possibility of recovering quickly is likely as well, he noted.

Brendan Ahern suggested that investors should recognize that there are great valuations and growth opportunities outside of the U.S., such as Chinese equities listed in both the onshore and offshore markets.

"Buying China's onshore blue chip companies and U.S. listed e-commerce companies today is never easy though buying at today's valuations is usually rewarded in the long run," Ahern said.

by Xinhua Writer Chen Shilei

BEIJING http://www.authenticsteelersstore.com/Steelers-Rocky-Bleier-Draft-Jersey/ , Sept. 7 (Xinhua) -- When Europe pulls a long face amid a tidal wave of refugees, it is high time for its cross-ocean ally, the United States, to abandon its "wait-and-see" attitude and take concrete actions to solve the acute crisis.

A recent UN report said that more than 300,000 refugees -- 80 percent of them from Syria -- entered Europe through the Mediterranean from January to August, exceeding the number of last year as a whole.

The total number of refugees fleeing to Europe, some of whom also came from Iraq, Yemen http://www.authenticsteelersstore.com/Steelers-Ramon-Foster-Draft-Jersey/ , Libya and Egypt, is estimated to have reached 1 million.

Such a massive migration is not the result of isolated cases of stealing into other countries, but an outpouring of the humanitarian crises in some war-torn countries, where people's basic human rights are not guaranteed. And the United States should be mainly blamed for their chaotic situation for starting the wars or destabilizing them through various means.

Take Iraq as an example. In 2003, the United States and Britain bypassed the United Nations Security Council and unilaterally launched military strikes against Iraq, claiming that the country hid weapons of mass destruction and supported terrorists. Their real motive was actually to topple the anti-U.S. Saddam regime.

About 162,000 Iraqis lost their lives in the war and several million civilians fled to neighboring Jordan and Syria, contributing indirectly to today's refugee crisis in Europe.

Later http://www.authenticsteelersstore.com/Steelers-Morgan-Burnett-Draft-Jersey/ , in 2010, the so-called Arab Spring uprisings engulfed Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Yemen and Syria, causing political upheavals, economic depression and social unrest in these countries. Extremist groups such as the Islamic State also began to take root and have launched heinous attacks, causing a massive outflux of asylum seekers to Europe.

Facing the biggest refugee crisis since World War II http://www.authenticsteelersstore.com/Steelers-Mike-Webster-Draft-Jersey/ , the European Union is struggling to take a joint action plan, with its member countries divided in their responses to the migrants.

Germany has temporarily relaxed its border rules to receive thousands of migrants, while some East European countries, restrained by their financial limitations, still closed their doors to the migrants.

The United States, which is mainly responsible for the crisis, however, showed no signs of planning to significantly increase its intake of refugees http://www.authenticsteelersstore.com/Steelers-Mike-Wagner-Draft-Jersey/ , despite its promise to provide 4 billion U.S. dollars for refugee relief.

Many lessons can be drawn from the current refugee crisis in Europe, the most important of which is that Washington should reflect its policy to impose "American democracy" on other countries, which has only led to turbulence, killing and displacement of civilians there.

While the United States is not expected to drastically adjust its foreign policies overnight, right now it should honor its moral obligation and take concrete actions to help the EU solve the refugee crisis.


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Commentary: U.S. should bear blame for European refugee, humanitarian crisis

BEIJING, Sept. 5 (Xinhua) -- When millions of people around the world were taken aghast by the pictures of drowned three-year-old Syrian b

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