Listening to my mother said that

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Listening to my mother said that I was the last one born, long and powdery and cute, I took the question. most boring thing is that I have two older brothers, and I often watch them in a daze! Is it because I am proud of having such a brother? It��s strange! I sigh how I mix with these idiots, how can I be with such a foo at me, cute and beautiful. When I was a chick, mom and dad came to eat, they always swarmed, and I was watching them ugly and ugly. Eat phase! It seems that I have not eaten for a few years! Fortunately, my mother always gives me a bug. the time of learning to fly, I want to vomit blood! Hey, look, we have a branch in the height of each bird. I stand on the branch in a beautiful posture Marlboro Gold Pack, and the two guys next to me. didn't even stand on the branches. When they stood down, the branches broke. They were still screaming, I was dizzy, watching them funny, I was so angry and funny, how can I have such a brother! Serious insult My image! are aiming at our body, I am thin and flexible, they are stupid and fatcare.od at the height of the tree, and they swayed and stood at the lowest branch to learn to fly! After the mother��s order, we spread our wings. I used my strength on the wings. I kept the rhythmic fanning. After drawing an arc in the air, I flew to the railing of the villa opposite, and that The two stupid guys landed on the ground as soon as they flew, and now jumped on the ground!at the "two fats" underneath, I am super speechless! day my mom and dad took us to the river to test. I flew to a rock flexibly, and I reached into it with a mouthful of agility. I was so awkward that I was thrown to the shore, in their greedy eyes. I found the red alarm Newport Cigarettes Coupons, but it was too late. When I flew to the shore and wanted to taste my food, they finished eating it! The city I have been to, the one that impressed me the most is Chongqing Marlboro Gold. Because I feel that the characteristics of other cities are not very prominent Marlboro Menthol 100S, so the passion and enthusiasm of Chongqing left me with special memories.after I got off the bus, I heard the sound of the mahjong colliding with each other, smelled the hot pot of the hot pot, saw the warm smile of Chongqing people, and felt the feeling of being covered by the steamer... saying goes, the plane can fly the air over Sichuan, you can hear the mahjong sound. I think that the extent to which they like to play mahjong is almost like this.about six or seven o'clock in the morning, there will be two or three people on the mahjong table waiting to do the preparatory work. When they have a table, they will start immediately, except that the meal will be late and will be of hot pot, my mouth is already numb and spicy. Hot water on the hot pot, first brave a piece of food, and then careing's summer is too hot to mention, the maximum temperature can reach more than 40 degrees, eggs can be cooked on the stone. In order to avoid heat stroke, I think I should pull all the curtains to open the Chongqing people, it is a small fireball. Wherever it goes, it��s like being in the festival, talke evening is also hot Online Cigarettes, do not believe that you go to the snack street, where the owner of the store is over-enthusiastic, and the snacks are also guaranteed to be too hot, and everyone laughs too much. Ie and passionate Chongqing a bit too excited for you? Then go to Chongqing to experience the passion!

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