In the past five years, I have had a

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In the past five years, I have had a profound friendship with my classmates. The scenes of the past have come to my eyes. I remember to do my homework with my classmates. I remember playing basketball with my classmates. I can��t give each other a match. Remember Discuss problems with classmates; share the difficulties together, remember to run on the playground with classmates after school; play table tennis together; remember to play games with classmates; play together and then apologize to each other for feeling that they are not . Putting together small pieces of small pieces and pieces together became a happy time of five years Marlboro Lights. remember once I was inexplicably feeling dizzy in my class, my temples were dull, my stomach hurt, and then I felt more and more painful. I suddenly felt a tumbling in my stomach. A pile of food came up from the esophagus and spewed out of my mouth Carton Of Newports. Spit on the clean floor, sprinkled on the ground, and exudes a strong smell. Instead of avoiding the classmates, they all came to ask me what happened, and I was not feeling well. Some students took my back, some students handed me water to drink, and some comforted me to tell me not to be afraid. Their eyes of concern, my heart burst into a warm stream.r the spit Marlboro Gold, I felt that people gradually became more comfortable, and the stomach did not hurt. The students saw that I was fine. They began to sweep the vomit on the ground. Some students swept the ground, some hit the water, and some used the mop to mop. Everyone is helping to clean up the classroom. Yao Yizhi also took off his jacket and put it on me. Looking at the enthusiasm and care of the students Wholesale Cigarettes, I suddenly burst into tears and said with excitement: "Thank you!" The students just smiled and said: "Do your best Marlboro Cigarettes, let alone we are Good classmates and good friends! "Yes, we are good friends and good friends, and we are good friends who love each other. No matter what happens, we all support each other."consciously, when we go to summer vacation, time is always flashing, and another year we are going to graduate. In the last year, I have to cherish the bits and pieces with my classmates. Record the campus life of the students well, compile the campus stories of the primary school students, and let them have more sweet memories on the road of growth.

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