I read "The Mind Crossing the

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Recently, I read "The Mind Crossing the Sky", which made me deeply moved and hoped that people can protect the environment.e content of the story is this: Since Sheng Xinyi��s mother died, Sheng Xinyi was immersed in the fear of loneliness. By chance, she and several small balls of the Meatballs became good friends. Affected by the small balls, Sheng Xinyi also began to contact the anime that she barely touched before. She began to indulge in the world of Hayao Miyazaki... Although the reality of the three-dimensional is not satisfactory, the animation world of the second element gave her a strange power. That is the beauty and innocence of letting the soul fly in the city of the sky. It is another leap and progress in growth. theme of this book is anime. Among them, I am most impressed by Hayao Miyazaki's comics. His cartoons can bring us unlimited imagination Marlboro Gold Pack. For example, Zhang Xiaowei in the text saw the future world of mankind in comics Newport Cigarettes. There is no dense forest anymore. Instead, it is a deserted ��desert��. Ning Jiaxin saw the innocent and lovely side of Hayao Miyazaki��s comics. She also likes Hayao Miyazaki's comics like Zhang Xiaowei. In the text, Sheng Xinyi, like Zhang Xiaowei, can't bear to see that the future world of mankind is the same as that of Miyazaki's anime. There are deserts everywhere, and the adults are indifferent, they will never If you listen to a child in the district, they will only think that the animation is for the childish child. Their love for the bad environment is very worth learning. life is very good. In the life of our small town, we also used multimedia classrooms. What good is life? Now everyone loses more than five or six times the weight of the human body. Beijing has an annual output of 4.3 million tons of garbage, and a daily output of 12,000 tons. Every person throws out garbage about 1 kilogram per day, which is equivalent to stacking two Jingshan every year. At present, the amount of garbage produced in China is four times that of 1989, and a large part of it is caused by excessive packaging Cigarettes For Sale. The packaging cost of many commodities, especially cosmetics and health care products, has accounted for 30%-50% of the cost. Over-packaging not only caused huge waste, but also increased the financial burden of consumers, while also increasing the amount of garbage and polluting the environment. If the earth's resources are used up, it will cause the earth to burst, which is equivalent to the end of the earth Marlboro Cigarettes Online, although Mars is the most likely place to become the second home of mankind. Although the temperature on Mars is minus 200 degrees Celsius, and the human living environment is the most similar, how do humans go to Mars? It has been estimated that it takes $60 billion or more for humans to board Mars. However, the president of the Mars Association, Robert Zublin Parliament Cigarettes, believes that this figure should be 30 to 40 billion US dollars, equivalent to the cost of the Apollo mission to the moon.often say: "Protect the environment, everyone is responsible." And people have not done, children with the acquiescence of adults, garbage is always everywhere, which has caused the environmental damage of the future world is huge, so that the original The dense forest has become a "desert" of the yellow and yellow. Therefore, we must speak and believe, and strive for everyone to start small things, thus protecting our mother Earth, making our mother Earth colorful, the river is clear and blue... because there is only one home, the earth can not clone. Therefore, we must follow this sentence "protecting the environment, everyone is responsible." Can not regard the environment around you as a free commodity, arbitrarily ruined and cherished! ! ! our future depends on everyone's own creation and will become a beautiful and harmonious society.

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