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BEIJING, Dec. 18 (Xinhua) -- Following are the standings of the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) league after Sunday's games (tabulated under games played, won, lost, winning percentage and points):

1. Shanghai 19 17 2 89.5% 36

2. Guangdong 19 16 3 84.2% 35

3. Xinjiang 19 16 3 84.2% 35

4. Liaoning 19 14 5 73.7% 33

5. Shenzhen 19 14 5 73.7% 33

6. Guangsha 19 14 5 73.7% 33

7. Shanxi 19 11 8 57.9% 30

8. Beijing 19 11 8 57.9% 30

9. Jiangsu 19 10 9 52.6% 29

10. Sichuan 19 9 10 47.4% 28

11. Shandong 19 9 10 47.4% 28

12. Jilin 19 9 10 47.4% 28

13. Qingdao 19 8 11 42.1% 27

14. Tianjin 19 7 12 36.8% 26

15. Zhejiang 19 6 13 31.6% 25

16. Tongxi 19 5 14 26.3% 24

17. Fujian 19 4 15 21.0% 23

18. Aolong 19 4 15 21.0% 23

19. Bayi 19 3 16 15.8% 22

20. Guangzhou 19 3 16 15.8% 22


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Friday Night time Lights and Concussions

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