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Learning any sport takes some time and plenty of practice; but the best way to learn a sport is to get to know the basics first. In basketball there are not too many difficult things to remember. In fact, there are four basic ideas that you should familiarize yourself with. This will allow you to understand the game.

When you understand the game a little better you will be able to learn additional skills and moves more easily. Having a good understanding allows you to be able to pick up the game quickly because you will understand better why you need to move a certain way or what importance there is to each position.

Basketball Basic One: Time

Basketball games are either played in halves or quarters Cheap Cincinnati Reds Jerseys , depending on the league. The time of each half or quarter is dependent upon the league as well. The NBA plays in 12 minute quarters, college basketball is played in 30 minute halves and high school games are played in 8 minute quarters.

There is usually a fifteen minute break at half time. The clock stops when the ball is not in play. Also there are 5 minute overtime periods allowed, if needed. These rules about time are usually the same throughout all leagues.

Basketball Basic Two: Team

A basketball team has 12 players on the roster. Five players will be on the court during play. The coach can trade out players as needed Tony Perez Reds Jersey , but only when the clock is stopped. There must be at least five players per team in order to play a regulation game.

Players wear a uniform that consists of shorts and a jersey. The uniform is usually loose fitting to allow for good movement. The jersey will have a number on the front and back. Some leagues may also include the last name on the jersey. The uniform is made in the color or colors of the team. Another important part of the uniform is a pair of sneakers that offer good ankle support.

Basketball Basic Three: Equipment

The game of basketball requires a hoop and a ball. Most league games also use a scoreboard. The hoop is usually at a height of 10 feet from the court and 4 feet from the baseline. The court is usually made of wood if it?s indoors. Outdoors courts are usually asphalt. The official regulations for balls are 28.5 inches in diameter with a weight of 20 ounces for women and 29.5 inches in diameter with a weight of 22 ounces for men.

Basketball Basic Four: Rules

The main goal of a basketball game is to score more points then the opposing team by making baskets. The rules surrounding how you do this are pretty straightforward.

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