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3D Printer Produces Revolutionary Robotic Hand
A cutting-edge technique for building custom-made prosthetic hands is offering new hope for child amputees.

A Bristol-based company has combined 3D scanning and 3D printing to make the hand.

The company Dustin Pedroia Red Sox Jersey , Open Bionics, claims it is the first time it has ever been done.

First a tablet computer with a scanner is moved around the amputated limb so that measurements can be taken.

These are fed into a programme which in turn controls the 3D printer. The whole process takes days.

The development is significant because it means that sophisticated prosthetic hands could start to become affordable - around £1 Hanley Ramirez Red Sox Jersey ,200.

The ones currently available, which do not use such relatively cheap techniques Xander Bogaerts Red Sox Jersey , cost anything from £10,000 to £70 David Ortiz Red Sox Jersey ,000.

For children whose arms have been amputated, the price is a particular problem as the speed at which they grow means that they need a new robotic hand every 12 months.

Six-year-old Charlotte Nott Jim Rice Red Sox Jersey , from Oxford, had both arms and legs amputated four years ago following meningococcal septicaemia.

Although she is remarkably dexterous with her stumps Ted Williams Red Sox Jersey , her mother, Jenny Pedro Martinez Jersey , is worried about how she will manage as she reaches her teens and needs to fend for herself.

"We can look after her now but what about when she wants to go out - how will she get money out of her purse? How will she find her bus ticket?"

The Bristol team behind the new prosthetic hand is designing the product with children like Charlotte in mind.

Roboticist Joel Gibbard told Sky News: "At the moment children are under-served by the prosthetics industry in terms of robotic hands.

"This project can really help them as ideally they need a new prosthetic every year and that is where the cost component really helps out."

The prototype still needs to be modified to make it sleeker and lighter. But that process is expected to take months not years.

As a newcomer to the sport the tendency to purchase the largest and most technologically advanced driver can prove overwhelming. If however you purchase a driver based on this premise without taking into account swing style you ll find the whole experience less than confidence inspiring.

A beginner s set of clubs should ideally consist of a small assortment of woods namely 1, 3 and 5 woods. The number 1 wood is referred to as the driver and is most commonly played club for long Bill Lee Jersey , straight tee shots. These clubs are fitted with large profiled club heads up to 460cc (cubic centimetres) the largest size permitted under international regulation.

The concept of using a large wood (or driver) for long distance strikes is sound in principle unfortunately, the driver is one of the most difficult golf clubs to use effectively and is not recommended for the inexperienced player. It is also fair to say that because of the enlarged club head the chances of a player connecting with the ball through the sweet spot are greater. If you follow golf in the media you d be hard pressed to miss the likes of Tiger Woods and Padraig Harrington using large headed woods for a majority of their shots.

Finding the optimal club weight can also be beneficial for improving the control of your swing. Modern day drivers are traditionally lightweight through the use of graphite shafts and titanium based club heads. Weight is typically concentrated inside the club head to produce a sweet spot an area of the club face that produces optimal launch characteristics. More manufacturers are producing drivers with interchangeable weights to allow players the option to reconfigure the weight distribution of the club to match a player s swing type.

If you are a beginner it is worth seeking the advice of a professional coach who will most likely advise you to master control before concentrating on the latest features and design of a driver.

The degree of flex should also be considered when selecting your first driver or set of woods. A flexible shaft is understood to deliver more power from the swing to the ball compared to a stiff graphite shaft or stainless steel shaft. A slower swing speed is better suited to a flexible shaft such as those used in junior Carlton Fisk Jersey , ladies and senior woods. A fast swing should benefit further from a stiff shaft either graphite or stainless steel; the latter will allow a greater degree of control at the sacrifice of gaining additional weight.

For all levels of player the best way to achieve an optimal swing is to purchase a custom fit driver, woods or both. Forgan of St. Andrews for example have launched an online custom fit service that allows players of all ability to purchase optimally fitted golf clubs in a shorter time and at a fraction of the cost of traditional custom fitting.

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