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LONDON Authentic Bob Gibson Jersey , Sept. 22 (Xinhua) -- A journal showing how Britain's 19th century monarch Queen Victoria learned to write Hindustani has gone on public display for the first time.

The diary brings to life the remarkable true story, now captured in a blockbuster movie, of the friendship between the widowed queen and Abdul Karim, her Indian servant and tutor.

The diary is the latest exhibit at Osborne Authentic Stan Musial Jersey , the queen's home on the Isle of Wight, where some scenes for the film were shot.

The diary, showing how Victoria learned to write Hindustani under the tutelage of Karim, has been loaned by Queen Elizabeth to Osborne from the Royal Archive.

Dating from 1895 Authentic Ozzie Smith Jersey , the incredibly rare diary shows Urdu characters in the Queen Victoria's own handwriting, above Abdul Karim's careful instruction. Alongside the journal are two signed photographs of Abdul at Osborne, also on display for the first time. Victoria spent many hours with her "Munshi" (teacher) Abdul Karim.

Michael Hunter, English Heritage's Curator at Osborne Dexter Fowler Jersey , said: "The diary gives an intimate glimpse into the relationship of Queen Victoria and Abdul Karim. It's fascinating to see this elaborate script in her own handwriting, and the painstaking way that Abdul set out the lessons."

"Queen Victoria was incredibly curious about India and its traditions, so to learn Hindustani and write in Urdu was a hobby to which she remained faithful almost up to her death in 1901. It's an honor to have the diary back where it would originally have been written, to be returned home to Osborne once more."

The diary is on show until Sept. 30.

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