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BEIJING Golden Tate III Hat , Jan. 19 (Xinhua) -- Chinese authorities announced on Tuesday they have smashed an illegal organization that sponsored activities jeopardizing China's national security.

The suspects, including a Swedish national, have been put under coercive measures in line with the criminal law.

According to a statement from Chinese police and national security authorities, the Swedish national, Peter Jesper Dahlin, and some other people have been operating an unregistered "China emergency rights aid group" on China's mainland Darius Slay Jr Hat , and had received undeclared money from overseas and carried out unregulated activities.

The police said the organization hired and trained others to gather, fabricate and distort information about China, providing "China's human rights report" to overseas organizations.

It also organized others to interfere with sensitive cases, deliberately aggravating disputes and instigating public-government confrontations to create mass incidents, according to the police.

The police said the organization had been accepting hugh sums of money from seven overseas organizations and the above activities were carried out in accordance with their plans.

Dahlin was also connected to Fengrui Law Firm, which police last year uncovered had organized paid protests.

Dahlin and Wang Quanzhang Matthew Stafford Hat , a lawyer with Fengrui, co-founded "Joint Development Institute Limited" (JDI) in Hong Kong in August, 2009. JDI operated on the Chinese mainland under the name of "China emergency rights aid group".

Dahlin's organization also provided funds to Xing Qingxian, who had been accused of illegally assisting the son of Wang Yu, another Fengrui lawyer, to illegally cross the Chinese border.

Dahlin has confessed that all of the "China's human rights reports" were compiled via online research and could not reflect reality. "Not seeing some cases myself Ziggy Ansah Hat , I cannot guarantee they are true," he said.

The statement cited Dahlin's confession as saying that an unspecified foreign NGO had explicitly asked JDI to file no less than 96 lawsuits against the Chinese government each year.

The NGO also asked JDI to help train civil lawyers, each of whom would be paid 3,000 yuan (456 U.S. dollars) per month. While for practising lawyers like Wang, JDI would pay them 5,000 yuan and give them 20 Barry Sanders Hoodie ,000 yuan for every case against the Chinese government.

Two members of the organization said western anti-China forces had planted Dahlin and some other people in China to gather negative information for anti-China purposes such as smear campaigns.

The finger men are also tasked with organizing forces in China, fanning anti-government and anti-Party sentiment, and deceiving people to disrupt state and social order, thus, changing the social system of China, according to confessions of the two members.

The police have uncovered that the organization received nearly 10 million yuan from overseas in recent years Graham Glasgow Hoodie , yet nearly half of this money was pocketed by Dahlin and his men through false salary receipts and other claims.

"If I give out salaries strictly according to the receipts, there will be no profits for me," he said.

Dahlin has expressed remorse, saying, "I need to offer my deep apologies for hurting the Chinese government and the Chinese people."

The Swedish national was detained on Jan. 3 over charges of funding activities threatening China's national security. He was later placed under residential surveillance. The police said his right to a consular visit was granted on Jan. 16, when Swedish diplomats met with him.

The case is under further investigation.

SHENZHEN Michael Roberts Hoodie , Dec. 24 (Xinhua) -- More than 5,000 rescuers with over 700 excavators and bulldozers are still searching through rubble for signs of life following Sunday's landslide at an industrial park in the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen, local authorities said Thursday.

The number still missing is now 75 since one survivor was rescued on Wednesday morning. Four bodies have also been found. Two out of 17 injured people have been discharged from hospital.

Zhu Tingfeng, deputy secretary of the municipal government, said at a press conference Thursday that they have been in touch with the families of 59 missing people.

Hundreds of doctors, nurses Kenny Golladay Hoodie , and psychologists have been sent to nine temporary settlements near the landslide site and a psychological crisis intervention panel will offer counseling and comfort to the injured and families of the missing.

The landslide has also affected more than 4,600 workers in 90 factories and workshops, including 34 plants which were buried or damaged by mud and waste.

The survivor Tian Zeming, who was pulled out alive from debris on Wednesday over 60 hours after being buried, met his father for the first time since the landslide Thursday afternoon. Tian is in stable condition now.

"I want to express my thanks to the rescuers," said the father. Tian came to Shenzhen around two months ago. Before that Jarrad Davis Hoodie , he worked in a factory in east China's Jiangsu Province with his mother and sister. After the landslide, one of his relatives saw Tian's name on the missing list.

"I was very worried when I knew my son was among the missing people. I called him but could not get through," the father recalled.

Trapped in a ruined building Tian survived on scattered snacks and an half bottle of water.

On Sunday, a mountain of construction waste collapsed on Hengtaiyu industrial park in Guangming New District, covering an area of 380,000 square meters Kerryon Johnson Hoodie , burying or damaging 33 buildings. A nearby section of a major gas pipeline burst, cutting off gas supply to neighboring Hong Kong.

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