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Mountaineering is an interesting sport, but dangerous. You will need courage and perseverance Ian Thomas Jersey , as well as equipments of good quality to climb to the top. Here are some suggestions on how to choose mountaineering equipments and what you need to notice during mountaineering.

Mountaineering was once considered very dangerous. However, more and more modern people would like to leave the city and go mountaineering. Therefore, it has become popular nowadays.
Necessary mountaineering equipments
In ordinary mountaineering or outdoor expedition, the following 4 equipments are necessary.
1. Knee pads
Some mountaineers think you can go without knee pads when you climb up the mountain. However, everyone should wear them when you go down the mountain. And you shouldn?t go fast Rashaan Gaulden Jersey , because there is a big shock when you go down the mountain. To prevent the shock, you can carry a bicycle with you. Ride the bicycle when you go down the mountain.
2. Mountaineering bag
Mountaineering bag are divided in to light bag and heavy bag, including skiing pack, traveling bag, rock climbing bag and so on. Light bag is for hiking and camping. Mountaineers should not carry things more than 25 kg. Heavy bag is for high-altitude mountaineering and long-distance expedition. Put heavy things on the top part of your bag or close to yourself. Fill the bag. Don?t hang things outside.
3. Mountaineering pole
It is easier to climb up and down the mountains with a mountaineering pole. It can relieve the pressure on your legs. It will be safe to walk on the gravel and in the river valley with a mountaineering pole. You can also find a path in the weeds and drive animals out of your way.
4. Mountaineering shoes
You?d better choose a pair of mountaineering shoes suitable for your feet and the mountaineering route. If you go across difficult area Devin Funchess Jersey , you have to choose a pair of shoes that can protect your ankles, heels and toes.
Besides, you need rope, sling, snaplink Shaq Thompson Jersey , mountain glasses, heavy clothes, gloves, jack ladder, map James Bradberry Jersey , compass, headlight, lighter, tent,sleeping bag and so on.
Made in China, a big shopping mall for mountaineering equipments

Made in China offers all kinds of mountaineering equipments to help mountaineers climb up higher mountains. There are different types of mountaineering shoes. There are mountaineering clothes Daeshon Hall Jersey , such as mountaineering pants and mountaineering jacket. Tents and mountaineering poles here all have a good quality and overwhelming price. Small orders are also acceptable. Just go and visit there. I am sure you will find what you need for mountaineering!
Experience for mountaineering
1. Warm-up exercise
If the mountain you will climb is very high or you seldom climb mountains, warm-up exercise before mountaineering is necessary. You have to spend 10 to 20 minutes extending and relaxing your muscles. It will be easier to climb.
2. Jump
When you climb up mountains, jump a little. It is easy and energetic.
3. Don?t look up
Don?t look up when you climb mountains, especially when you first climb them. Because your legs have not gotten used to climbing, you will be tired if you look up.
4. Turn your attention to other places
Don?t think that the mountain is high when you climb up mountains. Take it easy and stop from time to time. You will enjoy mountaineering. You will not miss beautiful scenes. When you are tired Taylor Moton Jersey , watch the scenery around. You can also sing to turn your attention to other places.
5. Relax when you go down mountains
Control your steps when you go down mountains. Don?t rush. It is easy to hurt yourself. At the same time, relieve muscles of your knees. You muscles will get tired if they are tight.

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