I have a magical dress, it has a

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I have a magical dress, it has a lot of magical features, let me introduce it to you! magical function on my clothes is actually the button on my clothes. In the past, we were in the summer, the weather was very hot, I was not hot at all. Because there is a blue button on my clothes Newport 100S Cigarettes, just press it, my clothes will be very cool Cheap Cigarette. In the winter, I am not too cold Newport 100S Price, because there is a green button on my clothes Newport Menthol Cigarettes, click, I will be a little Not too cold. Sometimes, when we are naughty, the clothes will be unconsciously dirty. Sometimes, when we write homework, the pen water at the same table may make the clothes dirty... However, if my clothes are dirty, just press the white button and the clothes. clothes will be cleaned automatically, and they will be as clean and beautiful as new clothes. My clothes are very special. In the past, we always put mobile phones, money and other items in our pockets. There may be a lot of people in the bus, or people sitting next to you are thieves, and people often lose things. My clothes are different, because there is a special small red alarm on my clothes. As long as the thief wants to steal something, my alarm will call the police, so the thief can't steal it.at is it? Sometimes when we are tired, we want others to give ourselves a massage. My clothes have long had this function. Just press the purple button and my clothes will give me a massage like two big hands, and it's especially comfortable. My clothes are great! When we were young, our clothes grew up with us little by little, and we couldn't wear them. However, my clothes are different. If my clothes are big, just press the yellow button and it will automatically become smaller. clothes are small, and as long as I press the yellow button, the clothes will automatically grow bigger. Moreover, my clothes can be changed into patterns and discolored. If I like pink, just press the yellow button twice and it will automatically turn into the color you want. If you want to turn your clothes into a heart shape, just click on the gray to change the pattern. In addition to these, there is one last feature on my clothes to listen to music. People often say that ��listening to music can give people a good enjoyment Marlboro Lights Cigarettes. If my mood is not so good, then I will listen to music and change my unhappy mood. If I am very happy, every day concert is more fun, you can give Oh, alleviate the burden of learning, these are controlled by pink buttons.se are just my imaginations. In order to make imagination into reality, we should study hard and grow up to make such a dress. Let us work together!

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