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BEIJING Ezekiel Elliott Elite Jersey , Nov. 10 (Xinhua) -- The-17-year-old Taruike Jianiyou is in the latest U18 Chinese Basketball team squad, according to the Chinese Basketball Association official website's announcement published on Monday.

The boy who grew up in a Chinese-American family in Beijing thus became the first mixed blood baskeball player in Chinese national teams of all categories.

Taruike's Nigerian father was once a role player of the NBA team New York Knicks. With such unique background, Taruike stood 1.86 meters high when he finished his primary school education, he entered to basketball training camp from then on.

Boasting the height of 2.08m and the arm span of 2.18m Jason Witten Authentic Jersey , Taruike, who is faming since China's National Youth Games which was held in Fujian province last month, is nicknamed "Foreign aid" by his fans.

Taruike is strong and good at blocking, but compared with African players Dak Prescott Authentic Jersey , his spring ability and flexibility can only be regarded as "medium".?

"I am not as good as rivals due to poor shooting stability and undulating state of motion," Taruike said.

As a player in Beijing third-string team, the teenager had got many good suggestions from his seniors Stephon Marbury and Randolph Morris.

"Marbury and Morris had snatched three CBA league titles in last four years. It's ?my pleasure to listen to them," said Taruike.

"Morris is my idol Ezekiel Elliott Authentic Jersey , I am looking forward to playing like him as a dominate force center in team Beijing." He added.

Taruike told Xinhua he would like to play harder in order to enter Beijing first team in five years. "It is not easy for me to join CBA league as a player of the great team," Taruike said.??

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