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If you’ve ever had the pleasure of watching even a few episodes of Breaking Bad, the last few months have probably seen you sitting in the corner of a darkened room, rocking back and forth with cold sweats, desperately biding your time for your next fix of the heavily awarded series. Okay, the show may not be quite as addictive as what Walt cooks up, but its return can’t come soon enough for us. Well, in a few weeks’ time D.J. Humphries Cardinals Jersey , we’ll get that oh so sweet high, as everyone’s favourite school teacher turned drug dealer is back, and from the voice over scenes you may have seen, the trailer teases that Walt’s never going to be the same soft-spoken molder of young minds again. We’re told Walt is no longer in danger, but is the danger. So, will he actually put a bullet in big boss, Gus’ head? Did Jesse really kill Gale? And will Skylar become the latest criminal mastermind in the White family? We’ll soon find out. And you know what? We can’t wait. Here’s the trailer Budda Baker Cardinals Jersey , and the show returns Sunday, July 17th at 10pm on AMC. Some TV characters don’t change, and that’s the point. Tony Soprano stubbornly remained the same across six seasons of “The Sopranos,” despite the best efforts of his therapist, despite glimmers of vulnerability and potential. Ditto Gregory House, who always seems on the verge of waking up from his nightmare of self-absorption and anger. We all know people like that, who run in place. Other characters do change profoundly over the years Haason Reddick Cardinals Jersey , though. And Walter White and the other major characters on AMC’s “Breaking Bad” are among them, big-time. The phenomenally good series, which returns Sunday night at 10, has emerged as one of TV’s most striking portraits of personal transformation. In three seasons so far, Walt has traveled from A to Y, with his wife, Skyler Chase Edmonds Cardinals Jersey , his sous chef Jesse, and his in-laws following right behind him. In season 4, Z is looming in the close distance. Walt’s metamorphosis, of course, isn’t what we might have hoped for. While cancer has driven Laura Linney’s Cathy on “The Big C” to waste less time and embrace her family, it has led Walt to the dark side. Once a chemistry teacher and dutiful husband, he is now a full-on villain who kills in cold blood to protect his prestigious meth-cooking business. Looking into Walt’s shifty Mason Cole Cardinals Jersey , calculating eyes in the tense season premiere, you can no longer see hints of his slavish former self. He has broken bad, and as Walt, Bryan Cranston has made that personality rupture remarkably credible. Season 4 promises to continue following Walt’s downward moral mobility, as he takes on Gus, the meticulous meth distributor played with icy excellence by Giancarlo Esposito. Skyler (Anna Gunn), too Christian Kirk Cardinals Jersey , is on her way down. Watch the way she uses her baby Sunday night, to get what she needs from a locksmith. Now that she knows about Walt’s meth business, she wants to be his business director, laundering his money by buying the car wash where Walt once worked. She’s not just a Carmela Soprano, enjoying the fruits of her husband’s nefarious labors; she is insinuating herself into his criminal life. And the writers have cleverly given her extra motivation, since her sister, Marie (Betsy Brandt) Patrick Peterson Cardinals Jersey , needs money to help with her disabled husband, Hank (Dean Norris). For me, the most complex transformation on “Breaking Bad” has been in Jesse, played so memorably by Aaron Paul. In next week’s episode, two of Jesse’s old party boys come to his house and the contrast is shocking.

Click Here to Watch: Breaking Bad Season 4 Episode 1


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