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RAMALLAH cheap nike air max free shipping , Sept. 14 (Xinhua) -- For Ehab Al-Jariry, a prominentPalestinian radio show host, it means a lot to mark the 50 years ofIsraeli occupation of Palestinian land.

To him, the separation wall erected by Israel along the GreenLine as an internationally recognized border since Israel'sestablishment in 1949, is the most remarkable reminder of Israel'soccupation that led to the suffering and painful memory of thePalestinian people.

So Al-Jariry came up with the idea to mark the 50 years ofIsraeli occupation by using a miniature replica of the separationwall, on which major events in the Iraeli-Palestinian conflict inthe past half century are printed.

They include pictures of the West Bank cheap nike air max uk , East Jerusalem, GazaStrip, Syria's Golan Heights and Egypt's Sinai Peninsula which wereoccupied by Israel after the 1967 war. Some 750,000 Palestinianswere forced to leave their homes due to the Israeli occupation.

"The idea is to reflect the history and main events that tookplace over the 50 years of occupation of the West Bank, Jerusalemand Gaza Strip, in order to remind people cheap nike air max wholesale , youth in particular, ofwhat has happened that they did not witness or experience," saidAl-Jariry.

"It is also (designed) to remember the individuals who havecontributed to our continuous struggle against the occupation andthe resilience (of the Palestinians) in the past 50 years," headded.

In the name of preventing attacks by Palestinian militants,Israel has built a separation wall near the Green Line, which isdeemed illegal under international law.

The wall cheap nike air max trainers , eight meters high and equipped with multiplesurveillance devices, has had a destructive effect on thePalestinian economy and society.

Al-Jariry's idea was adopted by German Heinrich Boll Institute,which decided to create a miniature replica of the separation wall,and hoped the the exhibition would tour Palestinian universitiesand be displayed in public in several Palestinian cities.

The miniature wall now is displayed at the main entrance of theRamallah municipal government building in the heart of thecity.

Lama Hourani, program manager at Heinrich Boll Institute, saidthat the miniature wall is an important symbol of the collectivememory of the Palestinian people.

"We try to remind people of the main events we have gonethrough cheap nike air max , the evolution of the political thoughts and modes ofstruggle as well as internal and external factors that affectedthis evolution," Hourani said.

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