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Following the 30-23 victory over the Denver Broncos

 von chenyan94 , 11.12.2018 02:26

on Sunday , Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Dee Ford has 8.0 sacks on the season.In four of these, Ford was also able to strip the ball from the quarterback; two of those came against the Broncos on Sunday. Statistics say that when a ball is fumbled, both teams have an almost identical chance to recover it. That’s held true in Ford’s forced fumbles this season; not all of these strip-sacks have resulted in turnovers for the Chiefs.But since a sack resulting in a turnover is one of the biggest game-changers a defense can achieve, the fact that Ford is getting strip-sacks at a high rate has been a big factor in the effectiveness of the Chiefs defense.Sunday’s game was a perfect example.One of Ford’s strip-sacks — the one that did result in a turnover — happened early in the fourth quarter.At the end of the third, the Broncos had scored a touchdown to close within 10 points of the Chiefs.Then Patrick Mahomes was intercepted, giving the ball to the Broncos in good field position at their own 39-yard line.There was still plenty of time in the game. The momentum was on Denver’s side. But four plays later, Ford pulled the plug. Speaking after the game on Sunday, Ford said that it’s not that he’s suddenly learned how to strip the ball.It’s just that’s he finally gotten better at it.“We’ve all known the technique,” he said. “It’s just a matter of getting better at it, and executing. We all worked at it since college — maybe high school. The way this league has gone — the evolution of football — we are working it in high school. It’s just a matter of execution and just being more efficient.”Ford also denied that he has a different gear for strip-sacks.“No. you can’t say that. I’d be lying if I said I did. You have to rush each time like you want to get there. There were times I won when there wasn’t a sack Ron Parker Jersey , so you just never know when he’s going to hold it, and when everything is going to work itself out.”Ford’s teammate Tanoh Kpassagnon says that Ford’s speed and lightning-quick first step — traits he displayed even in college, which attracted the attention of the Chiefs — still play a big role in his success. “He is different. He has that advantage to him,” Kpassagnon said. “Guys, off the jump, are scared of him. They are always jumping back trying to run with him. Guys assume I’m slow so sometimes I can get them. Dee is just different.”Head coach Andy Reid is pleased with Ford’s success.“It’s great to see because he has worked so hard to be back where he can play and be strong enough to endure a season,” Reid said after the game. “You are pulling for him. Those are the guys you pull for. I am glad he is having success. Like everyone in this room, we are glad he’s doing his thing. For the kid, the hours he has spent in the training room getting himself back, I am happy as can be for him.”As we noted three weeks ago Tony Gonzalez Color Rush Jersey , sacks are just one part of Ford’s game. Among NFL edge rushers, he remains one of the best pass rushers in the league.Since this performance is coming in a contract year — and Ford’s Kansas City career has been checkered, to say the least — it likely means the Chiefs will have a difficult decision to make about Ford in 2019.For now, though, Chiefs fans are liking what they see. This is part one of a three-part weekly film analysis on the performance of Patrick Mahomes.I caught myself this week almost annoyed that the Chiefs have to sludge through a game with a truly awful football team next week in the Arizona Cardinals. It’s merely nine weeks into the Patrick Mahomes era and I caught myself almost taking it for granted. I harped several times in the last few weeks how it’s not supposed to be this easy, how we should make sure to appreciate every moment of what we’re experiencing. After all, Mahomes is the manifestation of what this city craved since Len Dawson, a franchise quarterback to call their own. Yet, there I was nearly being a hypocrite.Mahomes is making it that difficult to not expect greatness every week. His absurd performances are starting to feel routine. The kid is speeding through his developmental plan faster than the ball gets out of his hand. Don’t be like me for that brief moment. Mahomes is going to break the Chiefs’ single-season touchdown pass mark in Week 10. Sunday will be an exorcism—a cleansing of any remaining angst of not having your guy. How early it’s going to happen should be a reminder of your fortune. Celebrate appropriately.If Baker Mayfield threw for three touchdowns and 300-plus yards on Sunday, it would’ve lead sports radio shows in Cleveland , been a major feather in the cap of his development and a reference for hope in the offseason.Your quarterback has done that in four straight games and six times on the season. And he’s younger than Mayfield.Something goodThe Browns tried to tighten the windows for Mahomes in the red zone with man coverage. It didn’t matter.Cleveland is playing Cover 1 or man-free coverage here (man coverage with a middle field safety) and Mahomes gets a man ID with Hill motioning across the formation and a defender following him. Travis Kelce (as Matt Lane plans to show you in his breakdown of him this week) is a matchup nightmare for just about anyone and linebacker Christian Kirksey falls in that category. Mahomes does a nice job holding the middle-field safety with eyes before coming to Kelce late. The safety didn’t really bite or move too much on the initial stare into the field. To maintain the window, Mahomes stares down the safety for a beat to keep him from driving on the throw before getting to Kelce late and helping him avoid a bigger hit. The ball placement was excellent. Mahomes is actually hit on the followthrough, so it’s also a nice play under a little bit of pressure.That wasn’t the only time Mahomes would beat man-free on the day.With Kareem Hunt motioning out of the backfield and getting chased out by a linebacker, Mahomes gets another man ID. He wants (as he should) to hit Tyreek Hill on a fade route down the sidelines. He holds the middle field safety again with his eyes long enough to create a window down the sidelines. Hill elects an inside release and Mahomes does a nice job of pulling him away from more contact and farther into the boundary for a 40-yard connection.As time was winding down in the first half, Mahomes put his team in Browns territory to potentially have a chance for a field goal.With 15 seconds remaining on the clock, Mahomes delivers an absolute strike to Chris Conley.The Browns are running a deep Tampa-2 in this situational play. Mahomes delivers a strike to Conley, who is running a dig route, behind and between the corner and the hook defender. He showed excellent anticipation and velocity to get the ball in there and put his team in a position to potentially end the half with additional points.The Browns jumped offsides on this play and the Chiefs declined the penalty. With the clock stopped, one of the most bizarre end of half moments I’ve seen took away a chance at a field goal and added an unnecessary tally to Mahomes’ interception totals.Something badThis was a head-scratching and bummer of a sequence.Even though the Chiefs declined the penalty, the clock stopped. Because the clock was stopped Breeland Speaks Jersey , any attempt to spike is an intentional grounding call. Bizarre rule, but a rule nonetheless. Mahomes took ownership after the game:The Chiefs then had to burn their final timeout of the game and after being forced out of the pocket early on a Hail Mary attempt, Mahomes threw his seventh interception of the season. For a guy that has been largely protective of the football, it’s a bummer to see him have to wear another interception for an end-of-half play like that.I hope this topic doesn’t get broached this week.Quarterback anecdoteEvery week, I add a quick note about something I’ve picked up about the quarterback position through my time learning and playing the game.Quarterbacks prepare for two-minute situations in advance of them happening. They have calls ready for no-huddle situations based on what they’re seeing and the tendencies the defense may have for that scenario. They aren’t done on a whim. They’re drilled in practice, talked through with the coaching staff and are planned in the film room, practice field before the situation arises.

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