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In February of this year,

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In February of this year, I finally entered the last semester of elementary school, and also ushered in the first battle of life - Xiaoshengchu. In March and April, I didn't feel too nervous. I followed the teacher's lectures and learned the class, went to the training class on the weekend, and wrote homework. But as soon as I entered May, I quickly understood why the adults said that we had ushered in the "test season."ay 13th, the Nansha Guangwai School was opened. When I got the test paper, I felt very dizzy. I couldn��t do a lot of math problems. The poems in the Chinese question made me unable to start Lights Cigarette. I read a lot of articles in English. I didn��t have time to read it... I thought I went in this exam. When I was confused, it was stupid when I came out. The result was naturally not tested.May 19th, I took the exam at the Tianhe School. This topic is not difficult, I have finished the topic, and I feel much better than the school in Kao Nansha. But when the Tianhe School announced the admission list, I found myself falling again. I checked my score and found that mathematics was the worst. But after I finished the exam, I also had some questions on Tianhe��s external school that I recalled on E-Net. My answers are the same as those published online Newport Wholesale Cigarettes. It seems that I did not lose points on the application question, but lost in the calculation questions and fill in the blank questions. So I practiced hard, understood the questions I didn't understand, and did the wrong questions 22nd, one day before the Dragon Boat Festival, I participated in the last Civilian School entrance exam. This time I went to the most popular No. 2 Middle School exam. Because his skills are not as good as people, he once again fell into the mountains.wo months, I failed in three consecutive exams. I could only read the high school Cigarettes For Sale Cheap. I was really upset, but then I thought about it and found that I had some serious problems:basics of normal learning are not fixed, and there are many problems that seem to understand and understand.tudy plan that was formulated at the beginning of the year was not implemented effectively. I said everything about it. It was only three minutes of heat. Because I did not seriously implement it, the original knowledge points that I planned to review were not finished. The poems that were planned to be silent were not finished. The questions that the Olympiad teacher said were not re-completed once. .nt to a well-known training institution to study the Olympics and English for one year. However, I did not review the teacher's handouts and exercises again after class Cheap Cigarette Online Free Shipping. Therefore, I have forgotten a lot of content in the Olympiad class.though I can only read Zhisheng Middle School, I will not admit defeat. Feng Menglong said that it is better to rely on the water by relying on the mountains Cheap Wholesale Newport Cigarettes. Before entering the middle school, I should not only write a plan on paper, but should make a practical plan according to my own situation. I must not have a plan like the primary school. But not seriously implemented. I want to be like Helen Keller, never give up on my own ideals, even if the speed of progress is as slow as a snail, as long as you can climb step by step toward your own goals, you will succeed.

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In February of this year, gfgfgfgfgfgf5 26.12.2018

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