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GWANGJU Ramik Wilson Rams Jersey , South Korea, July 4 (Xinhua) -- China won the first of the 272 gold medals of the 2015 Gwangju Summer University Games on the first full competition day on Saturday.

Zheng Shuangxue garnered 286.20 points to win the title of the women's 1-meter springboard diving at Nambu University Aquatics Center.

The silver medal went to South Korean Kim Nami Aqib Talib Rams Jersey , who had a solid performance in the final and also enjoyed home advantage. Kim finished the five-dive final with 274.95 points.

Another Chinese diver Sun Mengchen was edged to the third place at 272.85 points.

The men's 3-meter springboard final will be held later on Saturday.

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Men who had been abundant in the prosperity could furnish for their friends and family and were witnessed as desirable as they’re guys who had great power and fitness who could secure their loved ones. Men who had leadership and dominance were viewed as captivating as they had the energy to lead people and produce and shield their households consequently guys who also possessed these capabilities also observed it convenient to appeal to a feminine companion.

Adult females on the other hand had a further set of qualities which they developed in purchase to raise the likelihood of their survival and that of their friends and family. This can be top described as obtaining remarkable communication skills. Gals depended on trying to keep a terrific partnership with their gentleman for their own survival as losing them would suggest a number of death. They also had to master the artwork of communication with their youngsters and households. In excess of countless numbers of decades this qualities have been stressful wired into our brains so that guys and ladies will excel at a number of abilities.

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At this time people nevertheless dwell i

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