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The morning hens awakened

 von ylq123 , 07.01.2019 04:19

The morning hens awakened my eyes to read a book all night, and I was bathed in the bright sunshine and opened my hands to welcome a new day. The sun was gently and quietly sprinkled on the desk. I took the soul out of the book, the fingertips stroked the pages of the book, the delicate handwriting, I don��t know why Wholesale Newport Cigarette Store, the heart was sucked in half, and struggled, and finally I was tempted.onsciously, the line of sight was sucked away by the book. The "Romeo and Juliet" came into view, and the dust falling from the bed seemed to be sorry for the love story in the book. Attentively looking at the words in the book, the smell of the locality muttered in my ear, but I was never aware of it, and it was quietly coming at noon..midday sun is very abundant Newport Red 100 Online. The slanting sun from the cracks between the trees makes the trees as firm as the soldiers lazy. The breeze gently strokes the face, and the pages are gently flipped. Stretched and stretched, but the book still does not leave, it is a kind of eagerness, just like the oasis that people who are ashamed in the desert are exhausted when they are exhausted, how can they know the profoundness and profoundness of the book? What is the charm of sleepless nights? Open the heart of the book, I am intoxicated in it, can feel the joys and sorrows of the protagonist in the book, cheers and laughter, mischief and cute, angry and remorse... Look at my heart, what happened to me? Is the book controlling me? Let me be the embarrassment of it, indulge in its world, and take its nutrition? Can book, just like the mother's care and love, alwaysber when I was young, I always liked to go down in the sunset Newport Short Cigareetes. When the last touch of the sunset disappeared, I held a small book in my hand and sat in the shade of the tree, chewing on this wonderful thing, but after a while I stopped again and curiously asked the brother who was playing on the side. "Can I also have a castle like a princess in a fairy tale?" At this time, my brother would always love me like a little adult. hair. Everything I read in the book can miraculously happen to myself, but the princess who is tall is not free and troubled. I think of it here, the old love throws the book on the ground and then leaves, but the book page is ridiculously flipping. Looking at me, can you be naive, I have thought about it, this beauty can be the most precious memory... By now, the childish little girl has long ceased to exist, replaced by the now steady me, though There are ever-changing things, but the only thing that hasn��t changed is that I��m out of control for the book! How obvious this is! What is the magic that has been applied to me? Let me be so intoxicated? That's because I really can't help falling in love with the ernoon sky is blue and blue Cheap Newport Shorts Free Shipping, and a few white clouds in the sky have passed Wholesale Cigarettes Marlboro Online, but what can accompany me? It is a book, I have been conquered by it! Perhaps, the books I hold in my hands, the books I have read, and the books I will see in the future, maybe only books can bring me satisfaction, a kind of love from the heart is a secret between me and the book. Inseparable bridges, books, have long been with me, right? I still remember what happened a few months ago:

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