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This summer, I read a book called

 von ylq123 , 03.09.2018 03:55

This summer, I read a book called The Romance of the Three Kingdoms. One of the famous quotes makes people remember: "Humbleness makes people progress, and pride makes people fall behind."his sentence is not only displayed in the heroes of the Three Kingdoms, but also the people are deeply touched. "Humbleness makes people progress, and pride makes people fall behind Newport Cigarettes Coupons." When we open the history page, we will see how many people with lofty ideals and literati, because of having modest and eager to learn in history Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes, how many people are regretful for life. .I deliberately asked the mother around me: "Is this sentence really effective?" Mom sinks her face: Recently, your academic performance has dropped, what does it mean? "Suddenly, I was speechless."Therefore, I revisit the classics of "The Romance of the Three Kingdoms". In order to restore half of the Han Dynasty, the Han Emperor Liu Bei actually reduced his identity, and he took care of Zhuge Liang's Mao Mi to save the people's fire and water, and reorganized the DPRK as their own responsibility. Zhuge Liang finally felt His sincerity promised to serve him. On the contrary, Xiahou Yu was arrogant for his own use Marlboro Cigarettes Online, and Xiaocaishan Nomura��s talents were Zhuge Liang��s talents. He was proud of the army��s murder. The result was Zhuge Liang��s strategy. The result was defeated by Liu Beijun, and the whole army was wiped out. Finally, with Li Dian, forbidden, and alone. The three men retreated to Cao Cao��s base camp.At this point, I can't help but think deeply: In real life, we often encounter such people and things, how to deal with it? As the saying goes: Threesome, there must be my teacher. Don't underestimate others because others are not as good as themselves. People have their own strengths and should take the longest of others to make up for themselves. Modesty is driven by a progressive heart, driving the pace of the move, and pride will be covered with a vague shadow, leading to ignorant arrogance.From small to large, I am the "little emperor" at home. I have always had a meal to open my mouth and clothes to reach out. But today my "servant" - my mother is not at home. Going on a business trip. I can always be timid and have no self-care ability. Do not believe, you are jealous.That day, I was alone at home, locked the door, and locked the window Marlboro Gold Pack. Climbing into the bed, suddenly, I heard the sound of knocking on the door, I was terrified, and all my mind was a shot in a horror movie. I thought that there is no ghost in the world. This thought made me calm down for a while, but I could change my mind: It��s not a matter of time. The world is not strange, who can be sure, there must be no ghosts? Or a robber! I thought of the robber's heart and the thief's skill. I am all cool and cool. The knocking on the door did not stop at all. I picked up the gun that my dad used to hunt. Go to the door and unlock the lock of the door. The door slowly opened. I picked up the gun and waited. I saw him coming in and hurriedly fired the gun. Unfortunately, the gunwork was not allowed and I didn��t hit it. Looking closely, it turned out to be my father. I was shocked. My father said, "You are a little rabbit and you dare to beat your father Marlboro Cigarettes Price." I told my father about the ins and outs of things. Dad smiled and said: "Your boy is quite smartIn the future, I am not afraid of spending the night alone." I announced loudly. I finally grew up.

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This summer, I read a book called ylq123 03.09.2018

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