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Similarly consider a workman on a highway carrying out

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BRUSSELS , May 18 (Xinhua) -- Vice-President for the Digital Single Market Andrus Ansip said Thursday that the positive vote of the European Parliament on the portability of online content across borders was an important step in breaking down barriers in the Digital Single Market.

Ansip said in a statement: "the rules voted today mean that, as of the beginning of next year, people who have subscribed to their favourite series, music and sports events at home will be able to enjoy them when they travel in the European Union (EU)."

Members of European Parliament (MEPs) voted to approve new rules that would allow users to enjoy their online film subscriptions when traveling in the EU the same way they do at home.

The new rules apply to TV series and films Cheap Air Jordan 6 Wheat , as well as digital products such as e-books and songs. However, the access is only available to people who travel to another EU country for a limited period.

The regulation will enter into effect from the first half of 2018 and complements the end of roaming charges, effective as of June 15, 2017.

According to the European Broadcasting Union Air Jordan 6 Wheat Golden Harvest , nearly 11 percent of European households had a subscription to a video-on-demand service in 2016. That number is estimated to double by 2020.

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Safety footwear and workwear has become an unavoidable part of life for many dangerous professions, particularly in light of increasingly strict health and safety at work laws. Wherever you turn there is a tradesman in a high visibility jacket, or a construction worker with safety boots and thick leather gloves. This has also given rise to a massive market for commercially orientated safety workwear and footwear, which thrives on the requirements of these industries. But is safety footwear really essential in dangerous trades Air Jordan 6 Wheat Pre Order , and do we really need safety workwear in any line of work?

Safety footwear and workwear has grown in popularity over the last several decades as trade and employment become more and more government regulated. With a paradigm shift towards safety and caring for employees rather than maximising profits, a huge demand has been created for protective clothing and garments in the work environment. From architects to zoologists, the demand for safety clothing has spiralled to such a degree that even mainstream manufacturers like Puma and Adidas have launched protective lines to enter the market.

All this begs the questions 'how useful is all this safety-conscious footwear and workwear?' As compared to a regular pair of shoes or boots, safety footwear is specifically designed to protect the feet in dangerous environments. Take your average building site for example. A construction site is a dangerous playground filled with bricks Air Jordan 6 Retro Wheat , heavy timber, nails, concrete, lethal machinery. In this type of environment accidents do happen Air Jordan 6 Wheat For Sale , and they happen frequently. Without safety footwear, there would undoubtedly be far more instances of protruding nails penetrating feet, and crushed toes from heavy weight. If not for properly supported, solid safety footwear Air Jordan 6s Wheat , these regular accidents would be far more severe, and cause far more problems for the employees concerned.

Similarly consider a workman on a highway carrying out essential maintenance through the night. Without a quality high visibility jacket, this kind of job would be made considerably more dangerous, and it is essential that visibility is maintained throughout to avoid motor accidents and disruption. Or how about working with chemicals? Is it important to have safety footwear and workwear in this kind of scenario?

The list is endless. Safety footwear and workwear is designed for the sole purpose of protecting the wear in dangerous situations Air Jordan 6 Wheat , whether directly or indirectly as in the case of the high visibility jacket. On top of the safety advantages, these garments also help ensure you don't ruin your ordinary clothes in the course of employment, providing a duality of benefit that makes them essential to own for those involved in dangerous or risky trades such as construction, or any form of dangerous manual labour.

Safety wear has become an increasingly popular choice for many Cheap Jordan 6 Wheat , and a necessity for employers working above the law in recent years. But it's not just a necessity in legal terms. It is also essential for the protection and prevention of injury to employees, and practically speaking, for the avoidance of legal action.

Payment protection policies are sold to cover one’s credit card or loan contracts in case of sickness, loss of employment or accident. The Citizen’s Advice Bureau referred to the sale of ppi as a protection racket and they’ve found evidence of widespread high pressure selling techniques and sluggish selling. It is approximated that as many as 20 million payment protection insurance policies have been mis-sold to customers Jordan 6 Wheat Golden Harvest , which means that one third of the United Kingdom’s population could possibly be entitled for ppi claims or a loan protection claim.

You could be entitled to make ppi claims if the payment protection insurance was mis-sold to you in various cases like:
-if you’re told you had to take out ppi to acquire the loan

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