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BELGRADE, Dec. 15 (Xinhua) -- Israeli basketball champion Maccabi Tel Aviv was beaten by Red Star in Belgrade, Serbia by 83-58 in the 12th round of the Euroleague.

Red Star gained a strong lead over Maccabi at the beginning of the match thanks to efficient team play in defense and counterattacks and entered second half time with 18 point lead (42-24) that continued throughout the match.

Host team had even five players with double digit score - Marko Simonovic (14 points), Ognjen Kuzmic (12 points, 5 rebounds), Milko Bjelica (11 points, 6 rebounds) Branko Lazic (10 points) and Stefan Jovic (10 points, 9 assists).

Both teams have 5 wins and 7 losses after this round of the competition. Red Star jumped by two positions in the rankings and is now 10th, while is ranked 10th while Maccabi dropped by three positions and is now 11th.

In the next round Red Star will play against Olympiacos Piraeus in Athens, Greece, while Maccabi will play on home court against CSKA Moscow.

Coach of Red Star Dejan Radonjic said after the match that everything worked as the team could only wish for and that they have ""defeated a team that was in front by all parameters"".

""We have managed to create good situations and easy counterattacks out of good defense plays. We have gained and built an advantage and in the end we came to a complete control of the game,"" he said.

Radonjic said that ""Maccabi did much to return to glory days, they were champions of Europe"" and in the latest transfer period created a team that can play on a highest level.

Rami Hadar, coach of Maccabi said his team played bad in all aspects of the game and that Red Star achieved a well-deserved victory.


For a good many people opening a new business enterprise the last thing that they usually worry about will be accounting and taxation. That is primarily due to the fact they’re a lot more anxious and excited about the fresh endeavor which they are undertaking that they altogether forget about the problem associated with accounting and taxation. Accountants in London and even all through the land tell you they experience this kind of situation on a frequent basis.

Somehow Packers Kids Jersey , this is understandable. For a start if they do not make any money then there is nothing to account for. Futher more quite a few individuals feel that accounting and tax are issues to get worried about later on in the business enterprise cycle. Others may well see accounts and taxes issues as something which are generally there just to hassle them and make an already demanding scenario more complicated.

Often times though the above mentioned assumptions tend to be wrong for a variety of factors. The main one is the fact that to achieve success when it comes to business venture you need to thoroughly prepare, right at the start Packers Youth Jersey , not merely within the middle of the adventure. It’s like leaving on a quest without an appropriately planned course. It really is obvious that you’re likely to experience difficulties in your journey some time along the way.

The second reason why you have to think about accountants and tax advice on the start is always to do with legislation or the law of the land. There are so a great deal of it to think about and planned for that it can be essential to plan for them appropriately from the start. There are Tax, PAYE Packers Womens Jersey , accounting dates as well as the different trading vehicles that should be thought of. For anyone operating in specialized areas there might be special tax guidelines inside that sector that need be considered. A case in point will be the building industry where you will find specific regulations regarding subcontractors that may turn out to be pretty expensive whenever they aren’t properly adopted. Getting all or any of the legal components drastically wrong can become expensive ultimately depending on your industry, just how much is involved and how long before any mistakes are recognized.

Another reason is the very first of the advantageous elements of acquiring accounting and tax tips on the word go. And which is regular assistance that could actually benefit the enterprise. They’re what you could call little questions which arise as time goes on that the small business owner may well require a professional accountant to supply them suggestions on. A very good one will likely be hire or perhaps buy issues Black Packers Jersey , when to register for VAT, to list but a couple.

Finally Packers Jersey Sale , my advice to anyone who is beginning a brand new business would be to get themselves a small business accountancy firm that may help them through the maze straight from the beginning. A good quality one won’t only offer tax help but continuous small business guidance too.

The writer is an accomplished chartered certified accountant with many years’ practical knowledge of advising individuals and businesses in relation to their accounting and tax matters. She is a senior manager at a firm of accountant for contractor based in United kingdom. In addition to working for IT contractor accountant Latonia frequently writes on matters related to accountancy and tax.

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