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Mitsuru Adachi Devin Funchess Black Jersey , a widely known sports (mostly baseball) manga author was born February 9, 1951 in Isezaki, Japan. Debuting in 1970, he became famous after mangas like Touch and Nine. They brought him popularity and recognition throughout Asia. His most works feature senior pupils or college students as lead characters. Since 1970 he has published over 20 mangas including short story collections and multi-volume series.

Manga Nine (released in 1978) is a high school baseball and romance story. It made Adachi a renowned Japanese mangaka and proceeded to 3 TV series. Katsuya and Susumu start playing baseball to impress Yuri Shaq Thompson Black Jersey , Katsuya's girlfriend later appearing the coach's daughter. But Katsuya is also adored by Yukimi... The intrigue is about love relations and the team's success.

1980 released Adachi's early big manga Miyuki (12 volumes). Wakamatsu Masato and his step-sister Miyuki are high schoolers in Toukyou living on their own without their father working overseas. Charming Miyuki is a star among guys around Masato while he dates Kajima Miyuki, a dream high school girl. Only after eventful years do the "flatmates" realize their personal preferences. The well-styled manga boasts an interesting plot, nice scene and youth emotions.

The next year saw Adachi's superhit manga Touch (26 volumes) finished in print in 2005. This shounen story tells about 2 twin brothers, their pretty neighbor and baseball activity.

The manga (1981-1986) belongs to a top author James Bradberry Black Jersey , Mitsuru Adachi. This wonderful writer usually relates his stories to baseball and Koshien, the stadium of the All High School Baseball Tournament.

The Rough manga was released in 1987 now counting up 12 volumes. It's a romancesports story seemingly inspired by Romeo and Juliet. 2 young gifted sportsmen, Yamato Keisuke and Ninomiya Ami, come from rival confectionery families. Ninomiya's grandfather had marketed an owl-shaped cake Taylor Moton Black Jersey , but Yamato's grandfather copied the product adding ears which killed the competitive business. After such a shock Ninomiya died cursing the Yamatos and starting their war.

Manga Nijiiro Togarashi (Rainbow-Colored Chili Powder, 1990) is Adachi's rare sci-fi manga (11 volumes). Here Shichimi is going to Edo (Tokyo's pre-capital name). His deceased mother had just left him a walnut and sent him to his half-siblings. Shichimi makes farewell to an old tough firefighter whose cloak emblem is the same with his. On arrival in Edo Shichimi faces a stranger sneering at outer peace and disillusioning people.

The H2 manga was in print 1992 to 2004 becoming Adachi's biggest work (34 volumes). It developed into a namesake series. Kunimi Hiro had been a baseball talent before learning his arm was crucially damaged. So he transfers to a high school without a baseball team only to find out there his arm had a wrong diagnosis being perfectly OK. Then Hiro arranges a premier baseball team against his ex best friend and teammate, Hideo, in the Koshien.

2000 released a 5-volume manga Always Beautiful Sky (Itsumo Misora) about 6 kids brought together by providence.

The Katsu! manga has been released since 2002. In it Satoyama Katsuki is a carefree and lazy teenager. His secret love Ian Thomas Black Jersey , Mizutani Katsuki, has a father who was a pro boxer and inherits this hobby. Satoyama enters a boxing gym just to impress Mizutani but soon discovers genius abilities inside...

The Cross Game manga has reached 17 volumes so far since 2005. It proceeded into an anime series. The hero, Kitamura Koh, has long befriended the Tsukishimas. Their ties are even supported by symbols. But their friendship has to shockingly end some day...

In 2009 Adachi released a short manga Donte Jackson Black Jersey , My Sweet Sunday, together with another famous Japanese writer, Rumiko Takahashi. It's an autobiography describing their careers in the manga business.

2009 also released the Q and A manga currently in 2 volumes. 15-year-old Atsushi Ando's family returns to their towna after some time. There he encounters fortunes and misfortunes due to pranks by his dead older brother, Hitsushi Ando aka Q-Chan DJ Moore Black Jersey , whose death caused this move. The biggest prank is that only Atsushi can see the ghost.

Mitsuru Adachi is a baseball fan as a viewer and even an owner of a team called Vitamin A. He's been focusing his manga on this sport for years leaving no doubt about keeping up the trend.

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