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I cut the happy cake, a heart broken

 von gfgfgfgfgfgf5 , 19.11.2018 07:51

I cut the happy cake, a heart broken in half, I cried and ran out. J chased it up and we sat down in the yard Cigarette Wholesalers. He asked if I didn't like her. I shook my head and I heard him sigh. He said that he likes girls like that and likes the seductive feeling of them. I lowered my head and shook my head as I cried and stood up and stumbled forward Marlboro Red 100S Carton. J didn't hold me.I caught a cold again, and I deliberately let myself catch a cold. J didn't come to see me. I didn't sit on my bed and peeled me oranges Wholesale Newport Cigarettes. I didn't have a familiar orange fragrance. J's love has already been divided into ninety-nine percent for the girl. When the cold was about to leave, J rang the door of my house. I leaned against the door and cried, but did not open the door to him. My strength is once again defeated. "J... You go, you go!" The sound of knocking on the door calmed down. After a few seconds, the footsteps sounded in the corridor. I sat on the cold floor and wept with tears.opened the dressing box that used to be, and the box of eyeshadow was still lying quietly. J, you don't know. I used to be a charming girl, but I hate it, so I unloaded makeup, plain, and smart. I... I thought you would like it. I sat in front of the dressing table, making the same smoky makeup as the girl, and then applying a bloody lipstick.e girl in the mirror is strange, I can't see it strangely. I cried again, tears mixed with black eyeshadow, leaving a black mark on my face. Black tears, drop by drop... . I shuddered and made a call to my mother. I told her that I want to go abroad. The scorpion swayed gently in the breeze, bursting out the thoughts of friends in the heart. Just like its flower language: eternal friendship!long time ago, my understanding of my friends was just to play together and laugh together. Friends are not a necessity in life, because they never feel lonely when they are alone.owing up slowly, I can't help but think of the previous time, the former childishness. And the feelings with friends are like the tree rings, one year, one more circle, until the countless, the tree may fall down... In the dark cabin, a small piece of candlestick is lit. The golden light is reflected on everyone's face. Use your phone to put up songs that several people love to listen to, and then sing along. The handles are tightly held together Cheap Newports, the golden candlelight reveals the outline of the scorpion, and the aroma of the food is a bit bitter Cigarettes Online Store, and the fragrance of the scorpion is a bit more. I don't know how long I sang, and the candle with the warmth of the tears extinguished the candle. She stood up and said that she would send me a song, sing in a slightly biased voice, with a slight cry, perhaps the most sincere song I heard. To the candle that was once again lit, we made a wish and made the most real desire in the heart. We also sang a birthday song and ate a lollipop. clear spring of friendship, thin, never broken. The gardenia that bloomed at the source fell into the water, drifting and drifting, and the whole river was filled with the smell of the scorpion. Oh, remember the flower language of gardenia? Eternal friendship!

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