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his speech during the school's opening ceremony, Morales said the school "would contribute to a better, fairer and more equal world without violence."

"This school is a political and social commitment to the country, the region and the world. It is morally necessary to live in conditions of equality, dignity and brotherhood," he added.

Also lambasting the United States, Morales said "the enemies of the empire are social movements and the U.S. has always defended its neo-liberal model through communications media. The media publish discouraging messages with some analysts stating Bolivia is a failed state."

The first class to enter the anti-imperialist school will be made up of 200 students, all officers seeking to become captains in the army, who will receive a 12-week training course.

According to Morales, the school will impart a training program to help the officers to identify the enemies of Bolivia. "The nation now has, and has always had, one natural enemy: the empires," he said.

The academy was first announced by Morales in November in a bid to help the army defend national sovereignty and respect peace.

The name of Juan Jose Torres was chosen for the school as this former president (1970-1971) took an anti-imperialist line while in government and expelled the U.S. Peace Corps from Bolivia, for allegedly sterilizing indigenous women in order to avoid the growth of a Communist movement.

By Tao Jun Cheap New Balance 574 Sale , Dong Hua

HO CHI MINH CITY, March 16 (Xinhua) -- Most Vietnamese couples spend days, even months, and dozens of U.S. dollars to acquire a meaningful name to give to their child, and most names deemed the best are of Chinese and Vietnamese origin.

Chinese-Vietnamese words are elements in the indigenous language that are derived from Chinese. For example, the Chinese characters for "Yellow Dragon" are pronounced and written as "Huang Long" in Latin, but "Hoang Long" in Vietnamese. Likewise Cheap New Balance 574 Shoes , the Chinese characters for "Pink Cloud" are pronounced and written as "Hong Yun" in Latin, but "Hong Van" in Vietnamese.

Many Vietnamese people consider such Chinese-Vietnamese words such as "Hoang Long" and "Hong Van" to be more solemn, more beautiful and more compact than the native Vietnamese words with the same meaning. In this case, "Rong Vang" and "Dam May Mau Hong," respectively, and as such they often opt for Chinese-Vietnamese words when naming their children.

"Many relatives and friends of mine have asked for my recommendations for beautiful, meaningful Chinese-Vietnamese words to name their newborn babies Cheap New Balance 574 , because they do not know Chinese, but believe that such Chinese-based names are more impressive," Nguyen Thuy Chi, assistant to the director of China's Taiwan-backed motorbike maker SYM Vietnam, told Xinhua.

She said her middle and last name "Thuy Chi" are Chinese-Vietnamese words which have some good meanings, including "Supple Bough," and that a number of famous singers and actresses are named "Thuy Chi" or choose "Thuy Chi" as their stage names.

Names in Vietnam are laden with meaning New Balance 597 Grey Teal , and many parents think that a child's name plays a part in their destiny. "When asking for my suggestions, they often list the name's good meaning as their top priority, followed by tonal sounds," Thuy Chi, reluctantly dubbed a "nameologist," said smiling. Parents often believe that names with no tonal inflection will provide their children with a smooth and untroubled life, she explained.

Over the past 10 years Cheap New Balance 597 Blue Grey Shoes , the "nameologist" has recommended Chinese-based names to hundreds of people, including feminine names for girls and masculine ones for boys.

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