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 von monaco , 22.09.2012 17:54

ova uspavanka je svim ukradjenim pjesmama namjenena.
ne probudite se, dok vas vas stvaralac ne uskrsne!


stopping by stolen poems on a hungry december
by undefined bard

whose poems these i think i know
his nosering is in the village though
goldman sachs will not see me becoming there
to watch their prized poems fill up with fake signatures.

my little fox must think it's invaluable
to stop with spirit near
between poetry and frozen fuelwood
the darkest evening of january.

he gives his homepage bells a shake
to ask if it is a sort of mistake.
there's no other sound's like sweep
of invaluable words and a hungry flake.

the verses are lovely, bright and bardy poetwhite
with nothing much to keep,
only to fall eternily asleep,
to fall asleep.

autor je nepoznat, ili [/size] [size=150]Ivica Smolec tjekom cekanja pred dosta tih neposlusnih semafora bez zvucne funkcije,
zagreb, 22.09.2012

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